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Primary School Teacher Says She's Learning To Be A Witch In Her Free Time

Primary School Teacher Says She's Learning To Be A Witch In Her Free Time

Sadie says she has tried to use her powers for good in the past

A primary school teacher says she is learning to become a witch.

Sadie Bentley-Smoker, from Dartford, Kent, has spent the last two years studying the practices of Wicca, and has erected a 'sacred' altar in her bedroom.

Her journey started when she began researching modern pagan practices online and then trying spells out for herself.

But while people may think it's a little strange, Sadie says she's not interested in the 'Dark Arts'.

She said: "It's really my own personal form of spirituality.

"It has nothing to do with black magic, it's all very focused on me, my health, my wellbeing and what I would like to happen.

"There may be other witches who practice the negative Dark Arts and cast hexes and curses, but that's not my way.

Sadie built an altar in her bedroom where she casts her spells.
PA Real Life

"I work on myself or work positively for others, so they can attract what they want to happen to them.

"And after the year we've all had, with the pandemic, we could all do with a bit of magic in 2021."

With her mother Karen, 51, being a tarot card reader and crystal healer, Sadie was always encouraged to be open to different kinds of spirituality.

The only time she has used her powers on other people is by casting a 'luck and prosperity' spell for her boyfriend Charlie, to help with his career.

She said: "He then got an unexpected pay rise and a bonus.

"Of course, he worked hard, so he deserved it, but I do think the spell helped."

She has used her powers to support her boyfriend's career.
PA Real Life

In her bedroom, Sadie has built an altar, where she keeps the candles and incense she uses to cleanse the room before casting a spell.

She also has a cauldron where she burns the herbs she uses in her spellwork.

She said: "I am still learning. I'm not in a coven or working with other witches at the moment, although I am open to that in the future.

"There are courses you can take, but I learn a lot by reading and by just practising spells. There are also lots of us on Instagram, so I learn plenty from other witches that way.

"Some spells involve burning herbs or written messages while repeating your intent either out loud or silently in your head to attract the outcome you want to happen.

"Others are cast by mixing particular herbs and crystals in a spell jar and keeping the jar close - under your pillow or in your handbag."

Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life

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