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Qantas Is Offering Flights From London To Sydney For £205 Return

Qantas Is Offering Flights From London To Sydney For £205 Return

But if you're keen you'll have to act fast

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you've always fancied a trip to Australia but been put off by the hefty price of flights, then have I got some good news for you? Qantas Airlines is releasing 100 'Golden Tickets' with return flights to Heathrow costing just £205 ($265). Amazing, eh?

The bargain economy flights from London Heathrow to Sydney are on sale to mark the 100 year anniversary of the airline.


But if you're keen to get your grubby mitts on the cheap flights you'll have to make sure you're ready, because only 20 of the 'Golden Tickets' go on sale each day and, of course, they're pretty popular.

On its website Qantas writes: "For 100 hours only, we'll be releasing 100 Golden Tickets. From midday each day, there'll be 20 Golden Tickets from London Heathrow to Sydney, for just £205 Economy return." The first batch went on sale at midday today and sold out very shortly after - so good luck.

Don't feel too downhearted if you miss out on the super cheap 'Golden Ticket' flights, though, as Qantas has still got some impressive savings, with flights to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth currently on sale for £699 ($906) return.

The sale comes just days after Qantas flew a 19-and-a-half-hour direct flight from London to Sydney - but don't worry, the Golden Ticket flights won't be so gruelling.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner sent out just 50 members of staff and some journalists on the flight, which was used to gather data and information about the effects of the super-long-haul journey on passengers.

The plane, which was used as part of Project Sunrise, was specially designed to include designated 'stretching zones' as well as other areas ear-marked for socialising to encourage those onboard to move.


Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said: "We know that travellers want room to move on these direct services, and the exercises we encouraged on the first research flight seemed to work really well.

"So, we're definitely looking to incorporate onboard stretching zones and even some simple modifications like overhead handles to encourage low impact exercises."

Depending on the findings by this flight, and an earlier one from the US to Australia, Qantas is hoping to offer these non-stop flights commercially in the future.

You can find out more about the sale, and buy tickets, here.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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