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Rich Kids Of Instagram Flaunt Their Wealth At Christmas

Rich Kids Of Instagram Flaunt Their Wealth At Christmas

They definitely didn't spare any expense

While some of us were happy to wake up on Christmas morning to some new socks and a Lynx Africa gift set, the Rich Kids of Instagram seemed to settle for nothing but the very best - and from their Instagram posts that's exactly what they got. Lots of it.

From the ski slopes of Switzerland to a brand-spanking new Porsche sat outside their mansion in the Hollywood hills, these youngsters really did Christmas in their own less-than-subtle style.

A few years ago, the Rich Kids' social media profiles were popping up left, right, and centre as images went viral - you know the drill, kids spending their parents' millions on frivolous things and boasting about it online.

Well, this year it seems the teens were certainly into the idea of receiving gifts at Christmas, as they flaunted their luxurious - and at times, downright unnecessary - gifts.

Rich Kids Of Instagram.
Jamie Chua

One picture that made it online was posted by the Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua, depicting her sitting in what appears to be a new pink convertible on Christmas Eve along with the comment: "That day I brought the scent of Father Christmas home."

She didn't stop there though: Chua went on to post two pictures on Christmas Day of her sat on a plane, clearly first or business class, along with being surrounded by luxurious items such as a Louis Vuitton bag.

Rich Kids Of Instagram.
Lizzie Perridon

Another one of the 'Rich Kids', Dutch fashion influencer Lizzie Perridon, knew how to make it a picturesque Christmas - all you have to do is go somewhere covered in just the right amount of snow for a pretty picture. So she jetted off to Switzerland to go skiing and posed in expensively fashionable winter sports clobber - all with a stunning snowy backdrops, of course.

But one of the absolute worst photos has to be the one Niklas Heinze posted on his Instagram profile on Boxing Day.

While others had tried to pick the best branches of their tree to strategically dangle baubles and tinsel, the German youngster decided to use Christmas as a platform to flaunt his wealth - he trimmed his fir in the most expensive way he could think of.

Yep, by dangling actual cash from his Christmas tree.

This might be considered 'showing off'.
Niklas Heinze

Was it pretty? No. Was it necessary? No. Did it show he's utterly loaded in the least subtle way possible? Absolutely.

To be fair there was a few festive red bows hanging on the tree, but the 100 and 50 euro bills were more than enough to scream #RichKidsOfInstagram, which he didn't forget to hashtag in the post.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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