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Scott Morrison Reckons Interstate Travel Will Be Allowed By July

Scott Morrison Reckons Interstate Travel Will Be Allowed By July

Get the gang ready for a winter holiday.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australia's Prime Minister has given people hope they might be able to have an interstate holiday in just two months.

Several states and territories have introduced border restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, however, as the country slowly rebuilds, people are looking to when life will return to normal.

Scott Morrison said while that won't happen for a very long time, we might be able to hop on a plane or on a road trip to somewhere in Australia by July.


After a National Cabinet meeting, Mr Morrison said: "As the borders fall internally Australians can hopefully soon return to domestic holidays and move around the country more widely, and particularly with school holidays coming up again in July.

'We're reminded that the net tourism imports to Australia is just over $20billion a year. Now that's up for grabs for Australian domestic tourism operators."

All eyes will be on state and territory leaders to see when they ease restrictions on how and when people cross their borders.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian hopes it's not too far off with her immediate neighbour.

"I'm looking forward to those state borders coming down. I often joke with the Queensland Premier that I'll end up going to Auckland before I go to Brisbane if we continue the way we're going," she said.


"If NSW demonstrates its ability in managing the virus and easing restrictions then I think the other states will feel comfortable in taking down their borders."

We've been told not to hold hopes of travelling overseas anytime soon, so a domestic trip could be perfect for those who need a break.

The International Air Transport Association says air traffic should return to about 50 to 55 per cent of flights by the end of the year, however it's a much longer road to the scenes we had before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Association chief executive Alexandre de Juniac told ABC News Breakfast: "We have published today a new forecast about the potential recovery of the air traffic, and what we see is that things should come back to normal in 2023, which is later than our previous forecast.


"That shows, you know, the importance and the severity of this crisis on air transport...We should join progressively the historical trends by the beginning of 2023.

"What we have planned is to restart the industry, first by reopening domestic markets, then regional continental markets, such as Asia-Pacific, or Europe, or North America."

So, while you might be able to book that 30th birthday trip for the end of the year or in 2021, there won't be an abundance of flights to choose from.

Australia's Chief Medical Officer has explained that a large chunk of our coronavirus infections came from people who visited from overseas or were returning from an international holiday.

As a result, officials are being incredibly strict with our borders for the foreseeable future.

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