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Semi-Naked Groom Taped To Traffic Lights In Stag Do Prank

Semi-Naked Groom Taped To Traffic Lights In Stag Do Prank

A man named locally as Jack Wilkins found himself taped to some traffic lights in Basildon, Essex

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A semi-naked groom was taped to traffic lights wearing only his underwear with socks and sandals. Watch the stag do prank below:

A man named locally as Jack Wilkins found himself tied outside a shopping centre in Basildon, Essex.

He was fastened in close to the Beehive pub.

The video shows local shoppers seeming to laugh at the poor man as they walked past the husband-to-be.


A petition has been launched to 'get Basildon's socks and sandals boy' to turn on the town's Christmas lights.

Jack is referred to as 'a overnight local sensation who has bought tears of laughter to many within the community and beyond'.

The petition continues: "The Stag Party for Jack Wilkins in Basildon soon become the talk of the town when a failed nipple piercing attempt ended up with him being carried across the road and taped to the traffic lights outside the Beehive pub in nothing but suspenders, thong, sandals and socks.

"This act bought tears to shoppers, sounds of horns from passing vehicles and of course prides of joy to successful stag group.

"Shares of photos and videos still swamping social media it would only seem right that 'Socks and Sandals Boy' would be the only clear candidate to turn on Basildon Christmas lights this year wearing his famous attire one more time.


"Basildon, Essex... LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!"

The prank was posted on Twitter by @AaronShinno and was captioned: "Do something Staggy."

Locals appeared to absolutely love it.

One user wrote: "Basildon is a rare place."

While a second replied: "Haha! Standard day in #Basildon."

A third concluded: "You gotta love this town."

While a fourth simply said: "He's had a mare."

If you'd like to join in on the fun, you can sign the petition to get Jack to turn on Basildon's Xmas lights here.

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