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'Sexist' Image Of Little Boy And Girl Sparks Twitter Debate

'Sexist' Image Of Little Boy And Girl Sparks Twitter Debate

At this stage I think we're all aware that gender stereotyping is not OK.

Everyone knows that nurses and doctors can be male or female, but one image shared on Twitter has divided the Internet.


The photo was posted on an account called 'Medical Shots'. The account shares images of horrendous injuries, as well as support for medical staff and examples of advancements in surgery.

The image in question shows two kids - supposedly a little girl and a little boy - holding hands walking down a hospital corridor and wearing mini-scrubs. So far, so cute.

Then we get to the outfits themselves... and that's where it all starts getting a little bit questionable.

It looks like the little girl is wearing pink, and the boy green, and while they're only colours and it's not a big deal, are we STILL under the impression that little girls should love pink? We can defo get past that, but then we get to the writing on their backs - and this is what has sent Twitter into a bit of a meltdown.


The little girl has 'Nurse in training' written on her back, and the boy 'Doctor in training' - and this is what has thrown up a few questions.

"This is cute, isn't it," the account has added, including a heart eyes emoji.

The tweet has had over 20,000 likes - which obviously suggests that many people do indeed think it is cute. But then we venture in to the comments, where we get a bit of a different story, with many seeming to find the image - and the concept behind it - to be sexist.

One user has simply replied to the question of whether it is cute with: "No it's not."

Others had chosen to correct the images with what they think would be a more acceptable solution - with one adding 'health professional' in place of the specific job titles, and another 'depinking' the image to make it more gender neutral.

There was also a barrage of GIFs to show disapproval, as well as some users commenting that the image implies that a nurse's role is less important than a doctor's, when both are as vital to the medical profession as the other.

Another person tweeted: "It starts this early though. It kind of is this serious when you've told your toddler boy he's gonna be a doctor and your toddler girl she'll be a nurse.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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