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Shoppers Reckon ASOS Trainers Could Be Marketed By Friends' Chandler Bing

Shoppers Reckon ASOS Trainers Could Be Marketed By Friends' Chandler Bing

Could they be any more flamey?

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Remember that show Friends? You know, the one with all the friends in it having a good time?

Yeah, well if you remember it really well, you may recall the storyline of 'The One With the Mugging' (episode 15 of season nine), in which Chandler lands himself a copywriting internship and is tasked with marketing a pair of fiery trainers that double up as rollerblades.

In the episode, Chandler laments the impossibility of the task, telling Monica that 'no self-respecting adult would ever wear these'.

Fast-forward to the present day in the real world and it seems somebody at ASOS has decided that people will wear shoes with flames on them.

ASOS is selling a very similar shoe for £38.
Warner Bros.

One shopper pointed out the similarity between the shoes in Friends and the 'Destination chunky trainers in flame print' on Twitter, sharing pictures of the shoes along with the caption: "So is Chandler Bing advertising these for you ASOS or what?"

Not to be 'out bantered', ASOS got on board with the joke, replying with a little Chandler reference of their own.

The company tweeted: "Could we BE any more thrilled with our new intern?"

Evidently it was a great play from ASOS, as the tweet has been liked more than 4,300 times.

One person commented: "Whoever runs this account, I love you."

Another said: "I have never needed a shoe so much before in my entire life."

If you too fancy a pair, they'll cost you £38... though they only seem to go up to size eight, so maybe flame-covered shoes still aren't considered appropriate for grown ups.

What's more, it seems Chandler was right about them being difficult to market too, as the trainers aren't accompanied on the website by the sort of enticing product description you'd expect. Rather, ASOS simply lists some of its key features, which are as follows:

- Lace-up fastening
- Padded for comfort
- Pull tab
- Flame detail
- Chunky sole
- Moulded tread

Reckon you could rock these?

So if you like your trainers to have laces, flames and a chunky sole, these could be the ones for you (if you're also a size eight or lower). Perhaps you might want to wear them down at the new Central Perk themed cafe at Primark in Manchester?

The cafe opened last week to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sitcom and is designed to replicate the famous hangout spot.

DISCLAIMER: The cafe does not provide friends, you have to find your own.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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