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Spain Locks Down Area Of 200,000 After Spike In Coronavirus Cases

Spain Locks Down Area Of 200,000 After Spike In Coronavirus Cases

It comes as Brits have started to fly to the country

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Spanish authorities have locked down an area in the country's Catalonia region after a spike in coronavirus cases.

Residents in the Llieda area are being told to stay at home from midday today (4 July) after a surge in cases has sparked fears of a second wave of the virus.

Llieda is about 160km east of Barcelona.
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More than 4,000 cases have been confirmed in Lleida as of yesterday, which is up by 60 from the day before.

The area has gone into strict lockdown, with all but essential workers banned from travelling outside the region, or into it.

Residents will have a small amount of leeway so that they can get back to their homes in the region, but after that, they will be privy to all the usual lockdown rules that have become normal.

According to the La Vanguardia, there have been several local outbreaks of Covid-19. Four fruit companies have been pinpointed as local epicentres, as well as a group of neighbours, a nursing home and a homeless hostel.

There was an outbreak in the area of Vall d'Aran, which involved at least eight people who had attended a barbecue on 16 June testing positive for the virus.

An emergency mobile health area was set up on Friday to help to try and contain the emergency.

The new lockdown comes just as Brits have started being able to fly to Spain for holidays.

Travel advice has changed meaning that people can fly to Spain, without a quarantine period. They will have to provide Spain's Ministry of Health with contact information, as well as any history of exposure to the virus.

On arrival, they will have a temperature check and a visual health assessment.

Travel companies have noticed a huge spike in sales as people rush to book holidays., which is the third biggest holiday rental site in Spain, reported a record-breaking morning on 27 June.


They aren't the only ones because Britain's leading tour operator, TUI, also reported a 50 percent increase in bookings.

Head of International Brands at, Peter Jarvis, said: "We're already seeing a huge increase in online interest in our holiday homes from the UK market, with pool properties being the most popular (up 104 percent).

"Vigilance is absolutely still needed but with sensible precautions on either end we are confident we will see a safe summer in the sun for Brits again this year."

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