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Squid Games Most Stressful Game To Watch Has Been Decided

Anish Vij

| Last updated 

Squid Games Most Stressful Game To Watch Has Been Decided

Squid Game has become Neflix's most popular series right now with its various childhood games that 456 contestants must complete in order to stay alive.


Now, it has been revealed which games are the most and least stressful to watch by viewers.

In order to conduct the research, 5Star pulled thousands of tweets and ran them through a tool called TensiStrength to determine the levels of stress and relaxation fans had whilst watching each game (spoilers ahead!):

Last place, and the most chilled out game to watch, quite shockingly is 'Red Light, Green Light'.

This was the first game introduced in the show and instead of being sent to sit down and watch the rest of the players compete when you're caught moving, contestants in this game were eliminated (A.K.A. shot on the spot).

At this stage, no one had any idea just what 'elimination' meant.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Fifth place goes to 'Squid Game (The Final Game)' - which got a stress score of 39%.

At this stage of the games, only two players are left. The only thing left between them and the prize money? Squid Game; a popular Korean children's' game during the 1970's and 1980's.

Like the majority of games in the series, it's a nostalgic children's game where the loser will face deadly consequences.

Honeycomb Shape is in fourth place (49 per cent) and it was second game played in the series, where contestants cut their chosen shape out of the piece of honeycomb, without breaking it. Those who break their shape are shot on the spot.

Marble Game sits in third place, where the players were asked to get into pairs of their choosing; many deciding to pair up with the person they've formed the closest bond with.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

After being handed two pouches of 10 marbles each, they're told to play any game they wish.

Whoever loses, dies. The shocking twist earns this game a stress-score of 57 per cent.

Second place goes to arguably the most visually disturbing game of the series - a game where a long bridge is made up of glass panels along either side, meaning that each contestant would have to jump from one panel to the other to make it across.

But...some were made of tempered glass and would hold two people at a time, whereas others were made of normal glass and would shatter under the weight of just one.

With a total of just 16 minutes to cross the bridge as a team, the pressure was on and the fans were feeling it too - resulting in a stress score of 61 per cent.

In first place, with a stress-score of 90 per cent, is the old-fashioned game, Tug of War.

Traditionally, the game sees two teams pull on either side of a rope until one team is pulled into the centre by the other and ultimately, the 'strongest' team wins.

However, the catch is a drop of over a thousand feet, along with gory scenes which saw the blood and brains of losing teams spilled across the floor.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Topics: Netflix, Squid Game

Anish Vij
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