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Storm Grayson 'Deep Freezes' The US As Temperatures Plummet To -69C

Storm Grayson 'Deep Freezes' The US As Temperatures Plummet To -69C

The arrival of the eastern 'bomb cyclone' has left millions of Americans temporarily living in Arctic conditions.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Around 100 million Americans must think that they've relocated to the Arctic after Storm Grayson battered the eastern United States, sending temperatures plummeting to an unfathomable -69C.

The arrival of the 'bomb cyclone' has brought with it a massive blizzard, freezing lakes and rivers across the north-east of the US and making -39C temperatures feel twice as cold due to icy winds.

The brutally cold temperatures were recorded this morning by the Mount Washington Observatory, who deemed the New Hampshire ski resort to tie in second place for the coldest on planet Earth with Armstrong, Ontario. Brrrrr.


"We basically just start saying it's stupid cold outside," Mike Carmon, senior meteorologist at the observatory, told The New York Times. Well, you could call it that.

The storm dumped 18 inches of snow on parts of the US on Friday night, leading many people to abandon their cars in Boston, Massachusetts and freezing over the Chicago river. Boston is now facing a shortage of plumbers after water pipes froze over and cracked, the city's mayor reported.

The weather is so cold it has even frozen over the Niagara Falls which was turned into giant icicles as soon as the storm arrived on North America last week.

Weather services have now issued warnings about wind chills across the eastern coast of the US, including states such as Vermont, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine and New Hampshire.

Even inland states like Philadelphia faced -13C temperatures yesterday, while New York's John F Kennedy airport had a record low measurement of the same temperature for this time of year. We don't envy you guys.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs JFK Airport, said it was working with airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration to limit flights into the airport today "until there are adequate gates available to handle the backlog of flights due to recovery of flight schedules in the wake of Thursday's storm".


The cold spell has even proved deadly in some areas, as it is believed to be responsible for as many as 19 deaths yesterday.

At least four people have died in car crashes in North Carolina due to the conditions and police are still searching for a 35-year-old who disappeared in the state of Maine.

According to the Providence Journal, at least 40 people have been treated in hospital in Rhode Island for various weather-related conditions such as heart attacks, snowblower or shovelling injuries, and frostbite.

The temperature in New York is expected to pick up on Monday, so the storm looks to be easing off. Still, make sure to stay safe in the meantime.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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