‘Stormy Daniels’ And 'Fortnite' Among Top 2018 PornHub Trends

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‘Stormy Daniels’ And 'Fortnite' Among Top 2018 PornHub Trends

As 2018 comes to an end, the time comes for us all to reflect on what's been a rollercoaster ride of a year.


And that includes online adult video site PornHub, which has released its 2018 Year in Review so that we can reflect on the kind of adult content everyone's been enjoying in the last 12 months.

For starters, there have been 33.5 billion visits to PornHub, with 92 million daily average visits - that's equivalent to the populations of Canada, Poland and Australia put together, every single day. Impressive.


What about the top searches that defined this year?

1. Stormy Daniels

Hardly surprising, given that she's a) a famous adult film star and b) the one that took down Donald Trump. Double whammy, some would say.

2. Fortnite


WTAF? Internet, what are you doing? Yes, I know Fortnite was named the 'Ultimate Game of 2018' and it's apparently causing loads of divorces. Maybe this is why? You strange, strange people.

'Fortnite' is Pornhub's second-biggest search term of the year. Credit: Epic Games
'Fortnite' is Pornhub's second-biggest search term of the year. Credit: Epic Games

3. 4k

Ultra, high definition adult content - because what are genitals if you can't see each and every crevice in all its non-pixelated glory? *Shudders*


4. Romantic

Well, this is a turn up for the books, isn't it? Cuuuute. But you're looking in the wrong place...

5. Trans

Exactly what it says on the tin.


6. Outdoor

For those that prefer things, y'know... al fresco. Especially when you've not actually been outside for several days.

7. Tattoos

Exactly what it says on the skin.



8. Tinder

Still going strong in the adult film world, even if no one really uses the app anymore. High five, Tinder!

9. Bowsette

That's the fan-created, gender-bent version of the Super Mario franchise character, Bowser, in case you didn't know. Which quite a lot of you did, by the looks of it...

10. Threesome

A stone-cold classic. Points to a simpler time in many ways. Nice to see there's some porn traditionalists out there, eh?

Threesomes also cropped up in Pornhub's top search list for 2018. Credit: PA
Threesomes also cropped up in Pornhub's top search list for 2018. Credit: PA

Along with Stormy Daniels, popular celebrity searches included reality star Kim Kardashian, model and social media star Blac Chyna, YouTuber Lena the Plug, rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Instagrammer Boonk Gang, 'E-girl' Celestia Vega, singer and actress Selena Gomez and Netflix star du jour Noah Centineo.

If we break it down to the top 20 countries, users in the United States kept their nation in the top spot for another year, followed by the other usual suspects like the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Argentina, Russia and South Africa.

And for anything else you might be curious about, you can also check out the full PornHub 2018 Year in Review here.

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