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Student With Coronavirus Hosts 20-Person House Party While In 'Quarantine'

Student With Coronavirus Hosts 20-Person House Party While In 'Quarantine'

He told officers that eight people lived at the house and the others had just stopped by

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A student in the US with coronavirus was caught hosting a 20-person house party when they were supposed to be in quarantine. You can watch police body-cam footage from the incident here:

Cops stopped at the Miami University student's home in Oxford, Ohio, last Saturday and it immediately became clear that more than 10 people were there - in breach of local lockdown rules.

An officer then ran the undergraduate student's details and discovered he had tested positive for Covid-19 on 31 August, and therefore should be midway through his quarantine period.

Asked why he was hosting the gathering when he should be in quarantine, the student replied: "Yeah that's why I'm at my house."

He went on to say that eight people lived at the house, 10 guests had stopped by and there were around 20 people in the property.

He added: "Everyone in the house has Covid-19 and two people across the street have Covid-19."

Police cleared the guests from the property, but it is unclear whether they all knew that people in the house had coronavirus.

Six students aged 20 or 21 were fined $500 (£390) and all attendees have been told to get tested.

The student told officers he was at home because he had coronavirus.
Oxford Police Department

Lieutenant Lara Fening at the Oxford Police Department told Local 12: "This particular case is egregious, but I think for the most part, by in large, the students have been very well behaved.

"The way I interpreted the video from the bodycam footage was - he felt like he was at home and quarantining like he was supposed to be and that the majority of the people that were at the house had passed by and stopped by.

"Some residents came over from across the street that were reportedly Covid-positive as well. We do not know if anybody else at that party was aware of the Covid-positive residents because some of them left while the officer was there.

"We want to stay safe; we want to be healthy; we want everyone around us to be healthy; we want this town to be thriving; we don't want this town to be shut down again. We want the underclassmen to come back."

More than 1,000 students at Miami University have coronavirus, according to Local 12, and the university has been informed about the illicit house party.

Students in breach of coronavirus rules are typically suspended.

Featured Image Credit: Oxford Police Department

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