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Super Typhoon Blows Down Crane From 22 Storey Building In Hong Kong

Super Typhoon Blows Down Crane From 22 Storey Building In Hong Kong

Typhoon Mangkhut is almost twice the size of hurricane Florence and it has been causing huge destruction

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Shocking images and footage showing the effects of a deadly typhoon in Hong Kong are storming the internet. Typhoon Mangkhut has been slamming into the city, leaving devastation and destruction in its path.

Chan COo

Buildings have been ripped apart, streets have been flooded and a high-rise crane has been thrown to the ground as shown in horrific footage below.

The video shows the city of Tai Kok Tsui ravaged by the wild and destructive weather which caused the crane to come crashing down 22 stories off a skyscraper.

The incomplete building, which is covered in a green sheet, is located at the Boundary Street and Tai Kok Tsui Road intersection.

It has been reported that the crane fell down from the 76-unit building between 1pm and 2pm.

The deadly Typhoon Mangkhut initially ripped through northern Philippines, killing more than 60 people and has since moved towards southern China.

Chinese authorities have issued a red alert and 2.4 million people have had to be relocated for safety.

This is the strongest storm there has been in 2018 as winds have been smashing through the area at more than 175 miles per hour.

Chan COo

Winds then weakened to a still staggering 161 mph when they blew out to the South China Sea, where southern China and Hong Kong were next in line for a bashing.

Hong Kong Security Minister John Lee Ka-chiu urged residents to prepare for the worst.

He said: "Because Mangkhut will bring winds and rains of extraordinary speeds, scope and severity, our preparation and response efforts will be greater than in the past.

"Each department must have a sense of crisis, make a comprehensive assessment and plan, and prepare for the worst."

This incredible super-typhoon is almost twice the size of Hurricane Florence, which has been battering the American East Coast with gusts of 90mph.

While Storm Florence was being reported on by WCTI News in New Bern, North Carolina, all the staff in the building were forced to evacuate for safety.

Even with danger literally at the door, their weatherman, Donnie Cox, can attest to just how far weather forecasters are willing to go to keep the public up to date on extreme weather events. He was broadcasting right until the moment he was forced to leave.

During his broadcast the weather map of the hurricane can be seen flickering behind him, but he calmly continued his report, telling views that they were about to cease transmission.

He says that their sister station 'is going to continue our coverage so we can continue the evacuation of this building because of the rise in water'. What a guy.

Featured Image Credit: Chan COo

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