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Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Using Fake Weights During Workout

Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Using Fake Weights During Workout

Was he trying to fool us all or was he only joking?

The internet is accusing Sylvester Stallone of potentially faking his workout. Watch TikToker @azrizakariya make a case for why he thinks Sly was lifting fake weights below:

In the video shared to the star's Instagram, Stallone, who is grunting hard, is supposedly completing a 'front raise' exercise by kneeling on the fall while lifting two plates above his shoulder and standing up onto his feet.

He did the exercise with 45lb (20kg) weights in each hand.

Racking up over five million views, the Instagram post is captioned with: "Good 'heavy' morning! Punching hard till the final bell...@gunnarfitness @slystalloneshop."

The actor started on his knees with approx 20kg weights in each hand.


One user commented: "Not going to hate but those plates look fake."

Fitness YouTuber Simon Miller, who is a big fan of the famous 'Rocky Balboa', also cast doubt on if the weights were real, adding that he didn't know if Stallone meant it as a joke.

Simon expresses in his video the intense level of difficulty involved when lifting two 45lb weights in that fashion.

He said: "Not gunna lie when I first saw it I thought Sylvester Stallone was just having a little bit of a joke - he's making really weird noises and it was like no lift I've ever seen before.

"Of course if you're going to be on the floor and you're going to hold two 45 pound plates and then try and stand up with them held out at your sides, that's going to be really difficult."

Simon also points out that in Stallone's caption, there could be a clue to suggest that it was supposed to be taken as a joke.

He explains that the word 'heavy' is in inverted commas, which could imply that Stallone didn't mean the video to be taken seriously.

The YouTuber concludes he 'just can't figure it out'.

Since posting the video on his Instagram account @officialslystallone, Sly hasn't confirmed nor denied whether the workout was a joke or not.

This isn't the first time the Hollywood legend has faced fitness-based accusations.

In 2007, the actor was convicted of importing a banned growth hormone into Australia and was ordered to pay a £5,000 fine.

The deputy chief magistrate Paul Cloran told the court: "He has shown contrition, he has expressed his remorse. I don't think there is anything further the court could or should do in order to deter Mr Stallone from committing these offences again."

Words: Anish Vij

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@officialslystallone

Topics: Sylvester Stallone, Weightlifting