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Teacher Called Miss Sprinkles Charged With Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Student

Teacher Called Miss Sprinkles Charged With Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Student

She reportedly learned about the allegations on social media before turning herself into police

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Another teacher in America has found themselves in hot water after allegedly being caught having sex with a student.

The educator, Miss Kayla Sprinkles, handed herself into police in North Carolina after she saw the allegations on social media and learned authorities were organising an indictment against her.

The 26-year-old worked with the Cherokee County Schools System by teaching and coaching softball and cross country during the 2016-17 school year.

Police started investigating the teacher when allegations started circulating that she was having sex with a student, who later turned out to be just 16-years-old.

She's been charged with five counts of sexual activity with a student.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Derrick Palmer told WDEF: "Our youth and our students are one of the greatest resources that Cherokee County is blessed to have.

"It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure their safety and well being as they grow and mature."

Miss Sprinkles has been released on a $25,000 (£18,650) unsecured board and will appear in court again in July.

People often question why there is such a double standard when reporting on female perpetrators of sexual abuse, typically in a teaching related environment. Comments made about male paedophiles usually go along the lines of 'I hope they burn in hell', whereas female ones are the direct opposite.

When news broke of a female teacher being charged with having sex with an eighth-grade student in Florida, one person wrote: "Can we spare a thought for this poor boy, he is currently in surgery due to the trauma his wrist has suffered from all of the high fives."

The teacher in question.
Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Relationship expert and psychologist Dr Pam Spurr told LADbible: "It's interesting that there are two very different reactions to female sexual predators.

"Some people simply can't believe that women would behave like that, because deep down, within our psyches, we view women as nurturing and caring.

"There is no difference - psychologically speaking or not - between a paedophile and a teacher engaging in a sexual relationship with a student if that student is underage.

Some of the women charged for sexual relations with students.
Police Mugshots

"Even in university settings this is actively discouraged because of the imbalance of power between a university tutor and a student.

She explained to LAD that these type of teacher-student relationships develop because some teachers forget appropriate boundaries whereas others do it deliberately.

A Daily Express investigation found there were 142 female teachers convicted of sex offences in 2016 in the UK, which is double the 2014 number and triple what was seen in 2010.

Concerns were raised in a 2016 CLEARvoz Journal that social media and smartphones have made these types of relationships both easier to form and easier to be revealed to the public.

Featured Image Credit: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

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