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Teacher Under Investigation Wearing Blackface To Halloween Party

Teacher Under Investigation Wearing Blackface To Halloween Party

A US teacher is under investigation after she was photographed wearing blackface to a Halloween party.

Megan Luloff, 32, was snapped wearing dark make-up on her face, arms, hands and feet, as well as a black wig. The woman was reportedly dressed as LaFawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite.


Naturally, after the pictures were shared online Luloff faced a massive backlash and Walcott Elementary School, Iowa, US, where she works has taken her photograph off the its website.

President of the Iowa-Nebraksa NAACP Conference of Branches Betty Andrews, spoke to the New York Post about the shock she felt when the photos were brought to her attention.

She told the news outlet: "I had to check my calendar and my location to know that this happened in 2018.

"It was equally disturbing that this is a teacher who is supposed to provide a safe and equitable environment for all students."


In the pictures shared online, Luloff is seen posing alongside a bunch of other people in fancy dress, none of whom seem particularly bothered with the fact she's in blackface.

Andrews continued: "It's incredibly concerning that she was with a group of people who didn't say, 'Hey, this is a problem'.

"Clearly someone did find it offensive though because that is why we got the photo in the first place.

"I think she should be dismissed. Being a teacher, this is a serious lapse in judgment and her presence in a classroom could be detrimental to any student she teaches, particularly African-American students.

"I would definitely not want her teaching my children. This makes me wonder what's in the water, so to speak. What are we teaching in Davenport for this woman to think that this would be OK?"

District officials told the New York Post Luloff was being investigated in a statement, which read: "The district was very recently made aware of these images of a district employee at a non-school related event, and an internal investigation is currently ongoing.

"The board does not condone the insensitivity these images depict and is very disappointed something like this is now connected to our school community."

While Superintendent Art Tate added: "The wearing of blackface is never appropriate in any circumstance by any person. The issue is under investigation by the district."

Since her name hit headlines, Luloff has deleted her social media accounts.

Featured Image Credit: KTNV

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