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Terrifying Footage Shows Woman Escaping From ‘Creep’ Following Her Home

Terrifying Footage Shows Woman Escaping From ‘Creep’ Following Her Home

Footage released by NYC police shows a man trying to force his way into a woman's home.

Police are investigating a video that captures the horrifying moment a man appears to be following a woman home. Watch below:

The 50-year-old victim was said to be arriving at her New York home at Claremont village on 23 September at 2am (GMT 7am), as per the New York Post.

Footage was released by authorities on Tuesday (5 October) and it shows a woman rushing towards her front door after being followed by a man.

As she opens the door she glances behind her for a split second just before slamming it shut.

The man sprinted towards her front door where he turns the doorknob and rings the doorbell to no avail.

After realising that she wasn't going to open up, the man, branded a 'creep', gives up and walks off.


Police are said to be still looking for the suspect who was wearing a white vest and jeans.

According to the NY Post, the woman and man do not know each other and he 'never said a word to her' during the encounter, police said.


The incident came as the crime rate in NYC has been in minor decline.

Written on the NYDP website: "The reduction in violence during September 2021 is part of a growing trend that carries over from the summer of 2021, and coincides with multiple long-term cases conducted by the NYPD.

"By focusing on drivers of violence, these takedowns are precision-policing at work.

"They are part of a larger, comprehensive strategy to curtail gun violence across New York City that also includes: working with community partners, addressing local concerns and implementing intelligence-driven plans."

"The ongoing, downward trend in violence reflects the hard and often dangerous work of the men and women of the NYPD," said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.

"And while I applaud their courage and tenacity, the police cannot do this alone.

"Public safety must be a collective mission.

"It requires intelligence-based policing, but it also requires a fully functioning court system and meaningful consequences that send a clear message to those who would pull a trigger: expect to be caught, and expect to be held accountable."

Featured Image Credit: NYPD

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