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Thai Boys Who Were Trapped In Cave Speak For First Time Following Rescue

Thai Boys Who Were Trapped In Cave Speak For First Time Following Rescue

The boys have said they're all doing well but are keen to eat some KFC

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

The Thai boys who were rescued from a flooded cave have spoken for the first time after their ordeal.

The boys and their coach, who are part of the Wild Boar football team, are recovering in hospital, where they took the time out to thank the expert team of divers who saved them, as well as thanking every one for their well-wishers.

Miraculously, despite spending 17 days in the cave, the boys (aged between 11 and 16) said they are all in good health, telling the camera: 'I'm healthy', 'I'm OK' and 'I'm fine. I'm safe now'.

Perhaps understandably after spending so long deprived of proper food, the youngsters also shared what they were most looking forward to eating - with pork and KFC being popular choices. Can't fault them there.

One of the kids, MongkolBoonpiam said: "I'm fine and healthy. I want to have steak. Thank you Thai people."

Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital

Sompong Jaiwong, nicknamed Pong, added: "Thank you everyone from around the globe for helping us. I'm healthy. I like to east basil pork with a fried egg."

While Tee, real name PornchaiKhamlunag, said: "I want to fried rice with crispy pork." Same, kid, same.

The youngest boy, Chanin Wiboonrungruang, who is 11 and has the very cool nickname 'Titan' said: "Thank you [Thai] Navy Seals. Thank you everyone for your support. I'm fine.

"I want to eat sushi."

Twenty-five-year-old coach EkkapolChantawong said: "Thank you the prime minister, all of the agencies, the [Thai] Navy Seals and all of the doctors.

"I'm fine and I am healthy and able to eat normal food. I want to eat fried rice with crispy pork."

The Wild Boars are due to be released from hospital at the end of next week and will probably be knee-deep in fried pork and KFC shortly after.


Thailand's health minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn has urged the boys and their families not to give media interviews in case it has a negative impact on their mental health.

"We have advised all patients and their parents to avoid all media exposure because doing so may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms," he said.

"We ask for collaboration from everyone to ensure that each boy spends time with their family and friends as much as possible."

However, according to reports Hollywood is already clamouring to turn the incident into a movie.

Featured Image Credit: Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital

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