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This Escort Has Bedded 'A Million Men' And Made A Fortune Doing It

This Escort Has Bedded 'A Million Men' And Made A Fortune Doing It

An escort who claims to have slept with one million men for cash is walking away from the business to start a new life.

Kat Lee, 32, from south Manchester, was just 18 when she started escorting, which came about after she took part in an adult photoshoot with her twin sister.


She said: "I must have seen over a million clients. I was a teenager when I got into it.

"It started because of a photoshoot where me and my twin sister were asked to take off our tops and knickers for an adult magazine.

"Later, the photographer said we would be good in adult movies, being twins, and that led to escorting."

After nearly 15 years in the business, Kat is now giving up sex work to become a charity volunteer, alongside working in a local pub.


"It is weird because you're working seven hours and you think 'Oh my God, I could have worked one hour for £140 instead of many hours work at £7," she said about her new income.

"When you serve behind the bar and people say, 'have one for yourself' you're only allowed to take 20p off them whereas when I was an escort they would buy me cars and holidays, not give me 20p tips."

Kate went on to describe how her work was round-the-clock, seeing some clients in the mornings before they went to work.

"A typical day would start at 9am but I was never off the clock. People want mornings because they want to release themselves before they go to work," she said.

"You just don't know when you're going to be busy, but it's usually dinnertime and after work at about 6pm, as well as Sundays at 3am."

Credit: Trinity Mirror
Credit: Trinity Mirror

She said she had many different types of clients, some she used to see regularly.

"I would put my clients into two types. Some who wanted companionship, conversation and for me to be like a girlfriend - and others who would pull your hair and spit on you," she said.

"One would see me when his wife had gone shopping. Another spoilt me with an Audi convertible and trips to Milan and Paris. I felt like Julia Roberts."

During her career, Kat said she only experienced one frightening situation.

"A client spiked my drink and took the money back after I was paid," she said. "I thought I was going to die. I couldn't breathe or anything. I had a driver to get me to jobs and I wouldn't have gone home without him.

"I never caught diseases from clients, but I feel a lot safer in my bar job with CCTV."

Her decision to leave the industry comes at the same time as the debates over a reform of prostitution laws.

Kat said: "I think a ban on prostitution would be a good thing. Some people turn to prostitution for drugs or a place to live.

"There are no jobs are houses so they turn to prostitution to find money to leave home. There are better ways to live."

Words: Megan Walsh

Featured Image Credit: Trinity Mirror

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