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This Woman Ate Ice And Snow To Survive An Avalanche In Italy

This Woman Ate Ice And Snow To Survive An Avalanche In Italy

Found after a gruelling 58 hours, Georgia Galassi is lucky to be alive. She was one of five survivors - the rest were children - pulled from the snow today, along with five bodies after an avalanche hit.

Here's a video of survivors being pulled out, all of which in the clip are children.


The 120,000 tonne avalanche hit the Rigopiano hotel in Italy at a whopping 60 mph on Wednesday last week. One of the guests alerted the authorities when he went out to his car and saw the snow coming towards him but it didn't leave anyone much time to take cover. The avalanche completely buried the hotel at 5pm on Wednesday, bringing down.

22-year-old Georgia told the Mirror that she was sitting in the lobby with her 25-year-old fiancé Vincenzo Forti when the avalanche hit. She passed out, and awoke to find she and Vincenzo were trapped.

Georgia. Credit: Instagram


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"It was pitch dark. Not a sound came from outside. Our voices echoed," she told The Mirror.

She could hear the voices of other people trapped with her, injured but alive. It's not clear if they made it out alive.

She said the children were very good and didn't cry, although she did. The support of her fiancé got her through.

"He never had any doubt. He supported us all. Sometimes he would hum a song to soothe us," she said.

She was trapped for 58 hours with no food, surviving off snow and ice.

But help eventually came on Friday morning when she heard an electrical digger. Georgia shouted: "I am Georgia! I am alive!" to get the rescuers' attention. "It was the most beautiful thing I've ever said," she commented later.

Rescuers are still not sure how many people were in the hotel at the time, but it's thought it could be 35.

They are still hunting for survivors.

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