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TikTok Astrologer Appeared To Predict US Riots Would Happen Just Days Before

TikTok Astrologer Appeared To Predict US Riots Would Happen Just Days Before

TikTok soothsayer Maren Altman appears to have almost seen it all coming

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A TikTok astrologer seems to have fairly accurately predicted the events that took place in Washington the other day.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building and destroyed the US seat of government because of the November 3 election that they wrongly, by the way - believe was 'stolen'.

Anyway, TikTok soothsayer Maren Altman appears to have almost seen it all coming. Whether or not you believe in the whole astrology hokum, you've got to admit, she's still better than Uri Geller.

Have a bash at these predictions.

Maren said: "Astrology prediction's for January 2021 - On the sixth Trump has some pretty extreme favourable indicators which obviously don't look like him stealing the election but do look like he gets off the hook, some good news, prominent media attention in his favour on the sixth, could be around any rally, possible media news company announcement."

OK, so that's all pretty vague - pretty much all of astronomy is - but it's definitely along the right track, although it definitely wasn't favourable for Trump.

He was also tweeting for ages beforehand about how there was to be a big demonstration in Washington on January 6, so it's pretty much an open goal.


However, she goes on to predict the rest of the month. Let's have a look at what we've got in store for those days, then.

For January 9 to January 11, she predicts: "News that is very progressive and in live with larger goals [whatever that means] and the whole middle of the month, Jupiter and Saturn will be squaring Mars and Uranus and Taurus - struggle between progressive inaction and conservative holding onto the past".

If you say so.

She went on: "Very, very divisive dynamic leading to friction over the next few years."

Great, more good news then.

The rest of the month looks like this: "The 15th has the Sun conjunct Pluto - someone in power being very manipulative [wonder who that could mean?] making a powerplay to take advantage of others.


"19th to the 22nd, Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus - earthquake energy.

"Either literally in the world or with those who are refusing to change - uprisings, implosion.

"This January is a microcosm for the next three years. Especially between progressives versus conservatives, this is the high point of that."

Righto then, so we've got another three years of miserable battles between two clashing political ideologies in the USA.

That isn't actually that difficult to predict at all is it? You wouldn't need the help of Uranus, Taurus, and Jupiter to figure that one out.

Regardless, it should make for interesting viewing for those of us who aren't completely embroiled in the whole mess.

Oh, and it should be mentioned, it's not necessarily the best strategy in the entire world to take your world news - future, past, or present - from an astrologer on TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@marenaltman

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