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TikTok User Goes Viral After Using Shoulder Blades To Clap And Break Eggs Open

TikTok User Goes Viral After Using Shoulder Blades To Clap And Break Eggs Open

He can also use his shoulder blades to crush fruit

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A social media user has gone viral after filming himself using his shoulder blades to clap, crush fruit and even crack eggs.

While most of us can barely touch our toes, some people's bodies seem to blessed with a little more flexibility... or something, anyway.

TikTok user George Bingham recently went viral for showing off his 'party trick' of clapping his shoulder blades together, which he's able to do with such force he can even break fruit open - with video footage to prove it racking up more than five million views.

Bingham, who has more than 250,000 followers on the platform via his handle @bingerspingers, has shared various videos of his back in action, including one that shows him cracking eggs open.

He even goes on to use the fruits of his labour to whip up some breakfast, writing in the caption: "Back made scrambled eggs."

Commenting on one video, one social media user wrote: "This makes me want to vomit."

A second commented: "I can't even tell you how much I didn't need to see this, ever."

In another video, he managed to complete 21 claps on his back, with a grossed-out Twitter user writing: "That's grim."

Bingham, who is a rugby player, said he discovered his skill once when he was stretching.

He said: "I've known that I can do this for about two years.

"One day at work I was stretching and heard a fart sound. Someone said 'Did you just fart?'.

"I was like 'No, it was my shoulder blades'.


"I saw an osteopath afterwards and he said everything was fine, that I'm just hypermobile [able to move joints in an unusual way]."

Bingham also shares videos of food recipes and cooking instructions, but it's his shoulder-clapping content that's won him the most interest on his page.

Bingham, who also used to lay floors and do boxing, added: "Recently, I've been giving it a crack to try and be a food influencer as a side hustle, and I thought it would be a great way for free promotion - which it has been.

"I'd like to monetise the views, but haven't been successful at it yet but I plan to do it in the future."

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