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TikToker Gets Out Of Jury Duty By Wearing Terrible Outfit To Court On Purpose

Jess Hardiman


TikToker Gets Out Of Jury Duty By Wearing Terrible Outfit To Court On Purpose

A woman was excused from jury duty after turning up to court in a truly terrible outfit on purpose, telling TikTok users that her plan had 'worked'.


Mia (@miagravess) posted a video the day before she was due to be on jury duty, explaining to fellow TikTokers: "I have jury duty in the morning - just found out I literally have to show up. I've pushed it off twice and I do not want to go.

"So I'm going to try to put together an outfit that just screams 'Send that b***h home'."

In the clip, she then goes on to give us a bit of a fashion show, taking viewers through each of her ideas.

Credit: TikTok/@miagravess
Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

First up, she shows viewers 'option number one', saying: "The theme is 'menace to society'.

"So starting with this 3XL t-shirt, it says 'I love shoes, booze and boys with tattoos'. I think that just screams 'I have terrible judgement and shouldn't be a juror'.

"I decided to pair it today with these Lululemon biker shorts, and then just to really seal the deal that I should not be trusted, I'm wearing pink Crocs."

Credit: TikTok/@miagravess
Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

Her second option is inspired by more of a cowboy vibe, pairing a red top and denim hotpants with a blue hat.

"It's just to kind of look like a walking distraction," Mia says.

"I wanted to show as much cleavage as possible, lots of leg."

After putting on a southern drawl and donning her cowboy hat, Mia adds: "I feel like this kind of screams 'She should not make any decision for America at all, even though she represents it well'."

Credit: TikTok/@miagravess
Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

A third option sees Mia take the opposite approach by channelling her inner Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, wearing an oversized mustard yellow blazer and glasses.

Mia explains: "The whole idea is overqualified, like if I showed up and other jurors saw me in this fit they would be intimidated and want to go home, therefore they're gonna send me away because I am just better than everyone."

Credit: TikTok/@miagravess
Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

Finally, Mia tries on a 'I just woke up like this/dishevelled/I'm unwell' look, showing off a 'frat t-shirt', leggings and 'knock-off JB slides'.

She says: "The idea is just like, 'It does not look like I wanna be here'.

"And I'm thinking to add to the effect, I take this mascara and just kind of make it look like I had a f***ing mental breakdown.

"Maybe try and show up sobbing."

Credit: TikTok/@miagravess
Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

Mia also tries smearing water over her eyes to smudge the mascara over her face, adding: "If you saw this, you would NOT let my a** into a courtroom!"

In a follow-up video, Mia revealed that her plan 'worked', all thanks to her first outfit choice.

"When you get sent home from jury duty," she wrote.

"Besties, the plan worked."

Mia also added in the caption: "I wore the 1st option but I had to put a sweatshirt on bc it was cold."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@miagravess

Topics: World News, News, Fashion, TikTok

Jess Hardiman
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