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TikToker Reveals The 'Scary' Question You Should Ask When Being Interviewed To Get The Job

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

TikToker Reveals The 'Scary' Question You Should Ask When Being Interviewed To Get The Job

A TikToker has shared a key question that job hunters should ask their potential employer while being interviewed, saying it may feel 'scary', but can help secure a job offer. Watch as he explains in the clip below:


Dan Vasudevan (@dantechtok) posted a TikTok video responding to a follower's question on a previous post.

He'd mentioned the 'best question' to ask during an interview to help improve your chances of getting through, prompting someone to ask how he'd bring it up.

In an update, Vasudevan explained: "So [in] my last video I gave a question that you guys can ask during your interview that can help increase the odds of you getting a job offer.

"And I've been getting a lot of questions about how to actually ask this question during an interview.

Credit: TikTok/@dantechtok
Credit: TikTok/@dantechtok

"Let me start by saying that this is kind of a scary question to ask, but it gives you a great idea of how you did in the interview and if you will get a job offer.

"In my opinion you want this to be the last question you ask - at least that's how it worked out for me."

Vasudevan then acted out a brief scene to show how the opportunity might come up - along with the two responses an interviewer might give.

He continued: "So for example, the interviewer might be like, 'So that about wraps up our interview, is there anything else you wanna address?'

"And this is when you say, 'Yeah, so I think we covered almost everything but based on what we've talked about, do you have any hesitancies with hiring me?'

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"And the interviewer will either say, 'Great question, I really didn't have any hesitancies with you.'

"Or they could say, 'You didn't really meet many of the requirements, so this job might not be a good fit.'

"Either way, the point is you know how you did in the interview, and if they do bring up concerns, you can defend yourself right away."

And Vasudevan is convinced his simple question works, saying it's not only been successful for him, but also many others.

He added: "If you don't believe me, just look at the comments of people in my previous videos saying how this helped them get a job. It helped me get an offer too!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dantechtok

Topics: World News, News, TikTok

Jess Hardiman
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