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Tony Hawk Gets Kid A Skateboard With The Help Of Local Postman

Tony Hawk Gets Kid A Skateboard With The Help Of Local Postman

God bless social media

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

In another random act of kindness - one of the ones that seems to be keeping the world spinning at the moment - a mailman has connected a little lad with his all time hero Tony Hawk and even got him to send his skateboard to him.

The FedEx delivery worker explains in the video that a little lad called Cooper chases him, handing him an old battered skateboard and tells him to mail it to Tony Hawk. When his mum comes out, she goes along with the story to humour her son, asking the mail man to make sure it gets there.

As a bit of a long shot, the delivery driver makes a video and then the internet does what it does best and it gets to Tony Hawk. And not only does Tony Hawk go along with it, he also says he's sending a skateboard back to little Cooper.

As you can see in the video above, the FedEx driver says: "So I'm doing my delivery round today and I see this little kid chasing my truck trying to flag me down. He's like 'excuse me, excuse me'.

"I pulled over and I said 'hey man, whats up' and he said: 'Can you mail something for me?'"

The driver says that he can, and the kid runs in to his house, coming back out with a beaten up board.

The video continues: "He comes back out and he goes, 'hey sir, do you know the pro skater Tony Hawk?'

"I said, 'yeah, I know who he is' and he goes, 'can you mail something to him?'

"And this is what it was."

Cooper's skateboard.

The video cuts to the board and the driver continues: "He says, 'get this to Tony Hawk for me and tell him its from Cooper'.

"I just thought it was adorable. His mum comes outside and kind of winks and was like, 'yeah make sure you get it to Tony Hawk'.

"Obviously I can't mail it to Tony Hawk, I don't know Tony Hawk's address, but the least I could do was put it out there in the universe. So Tony, if you see this, Cooper is a big fan, maybe you can give him a shout out and next time I drive by his house I can show him the video and it'll probably make his whole life."

Well, through the power of social media, it got to Tony Hawk, who replied: "Hey Cooper, whats up, it's Tony Hawk.

"I just wanna say thanks so much for the skateboard, it's on its way to my house already, and as a thank you gift I'm gonna send you my skateboard - this one right here that I'm riding. Thanks buddy, I hope to meet you some time."

On the message, he says he will DM his address to the FedEx driver - meaning little Cooper is about to get the surprise of his life, as well as a very skewed view of how the postal system works.

Still - hats off to everyone involved.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/TonyHawk/Fresh2Deaf

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