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Tourist Charged £738 For Beers And Calamari At Greek Restaurant

Tourist Charged £738 For Beers And Calamari At Greek Restaurant

Six plates of calamari cost €591

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An American tourist has spoken of his shock after he received a bill for €836 (£738) after eating calamari and drinking beers in a restaurant on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The man, from Brooklyn posted a picture online showing the charge that he had incurred after a meal at the restaurant, called DK Oyster.

On TripAdvisor, the man said: "This place is a rip off.

"The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! No pun intended."

The massive bill.

On the receipt, you can clearly see that the bill includes €591 for six plates of calamari. That works out as nearly €100 for each plate.

They had six beers, too. That's a whopping €25 for each one.

Three chicken Caesar salads? That's going to set you back €19.80 for each one.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing on the bill is a couple of €9 bottles of water. Bloody hell, that's dear. That, or the €18 bottle of tomato juice.

Come on, it's not even that nice.

As you can see, he wasn't happy.

Despite several of the reviews on the website saying that the place is not worth visiting, it has an overall TripAdvisor rating of four stars.

However, more people have been moved to comment on the restaurant allegedly using underhand tactics to drive up the price of a meal.

One review - which gave the restaurant one star - reads: "Ridiculous prices, €20 euros for a glass of wine!

"They will try and avoid giving you a menu, the €14.80 offer is a ploy to draw you in! Some fish dishes are charged per gram, but this is not told to you."

Mykonos is known for beautiful beaches.

There are other people who have shared pictures of their receipts from this place. One shows that an unlucky diner paid €14 for a glass of Sprite.

Another reveals a €385 charge for one single dish.

It's called the Tomahawk USA and one can only imagine that it is made of solid gold or has some sort of magical or healing properties.

The restaurant owner has since offered his opinion on the matter.


Dimitris Kalamaras told the Daily Mail: "We regret the language of the person who posted this photo. Indeed, the prices are correct.

"Although we feel that they reflect the level of our efforts, care and the quality of the food served in one of the world's most coveted beaches, we can sympathise with an unsatisfied customer.

"However, the word trap is not fair. Why is a luxury hotel allowed to charge 200-500 euros per night and nobody compares it to a room to let?

"Why does a customer of a small retailer pay for a jacket 50.00 euros and others charge up to thousands? Are we all criminals, thieves, bad people?

"I want to tell you from my heart that we value our customers, and we have carefully accounted for the cost in order to produce a product which we consider to be value for money.

"If you can't afford them, in order to avoid any bitterness, just opt for the special combo menu - which may not be the most satisfying option, but allows a small glimpse for those who cannot afford the experience."

Featured Image Credit: DK Oyster

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