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Donald Trump Did Not Have His Trousers On Backwards During Speech


Donald Trump Did Not Have His Trousers On Backwards During Speech

Swallow your drink if you don't wanna spit it everywhere - Donald Trump was not wearing his trousers backwards during his speech on Saturday (5 June).

The former POTUS took to the stage in North Carolina to tell Republicans that the November election was rigged - an unsubstantiated claim he has reiterated ever since his loss.

But for many, his claims fell on deaf ears, as they were too transfixed by his trousers seemingly being worn backwards.

It seemed an outlandish charge, and now fact-checking website Snopes has confirmed they were indeed the correct way around.


Staff at the site had the unenviable task of analysing Trump's crotch during the almost 90min speech and concluded his fly was visible in the following photo:

Take a good old look. Credit: Getty
Take a good old look. Credit: Getty

In hindsight, how exactly were people thinking he'd put his kecks on the wrong way around?

If he was wearing joggers then fair dos, easily done (though wearing joggers for a speech would also have made headlines). But surely with suit trousers he would have to have zipped up the fly at the back, or have the belt on the wrong way around?


It's implausible, but look at the creases on those trousers - the fact they were the right way around is a damning indictment of his trouser press.

They looked... well, wrong, to the point that many people were adamant they must've been on back to front.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Others are noting this, but it can't be shared enough: Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants on backwards. Look close and tell me I'm wrong."

Another added: "Butt wrinkles across the front. Priceless."


A third said: "He's on the no fly list."

Another said: "His pants are definitely on backwards. There is no fly and the creases are those found at the back of the legs."


If you are more interested in what he was saying than what he was wearing, rest assured it was all very textbook stuff.

Trump described his election loss as the 'crime of the century' and said China should pay reparations for its role in the pandemic. He also criticised the current US government.

He said: "You look at our border, it is wide open. Illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level that we've never seen before and this is over a period of a few months.


"Drugs are pouring in, gas prices are soaring, our industries are being pillaged by foreign cyberattacks. That's a lack of respect for our country and our leaders."

Sounds like Donny.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Viral, Funny, US News, Donald Trump

Jake Massey
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