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People Are Leaving Supportive Underground Messages On World Suicide Prevention Day

People Are Leaving Supportive Underground Messages On World Suicide Prevention Day

The signs encourage people to find the help if they need it

Every year, an estimated 800,000 people around the world take their own lives - one person every 40 seconds.

In the UK alone, 6,507 people died last year as a result of suicide - a rise of almost 700 on 2017 - with men three times more likely to kill themselves than women.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, a time to be mindful of the struggles that each of us may be going through every day and to remind us that no matter how hard things may appear, you are not alone.

To mark the day, people have been leaving messages at London tube stations to encourage people to find the help they need.

Instagram account @allontheboard is known for its creative and often heartfelt messages. They've posted pictures from tube stations across London of messages designed to make people stop and think during their commute.


The first was titled "THINGS WILL GET BETTER". It read: "Hello to the person reading this. You may be going through a really tough time at the moment; you may not feel worthwhile and think there is no way out of the situation you are in and believe things won't get better.


"YOU are worthwhile. YOU are special. YOU are NOT alone. Things WILL get better. Love @allontheboard."

A second message was posted earlier today. It said: "DON'T DELETE YOURSELF.


"Don't delete yourself from the world if you feel you have reached your limit; talk to people who will help show you beauty in life and how much better it is with YOU in it."


While another read: "It takes courage to get by, and there are people and organisations who will help you find it; please don't put on a brave face or wear a fake smile and try to hide your feelings behind it."

Charlie Mackezie also left a message on the travel board at East Finchley tube stop today.

Written alongside a drawing of a horse, it said: "Quote of the Day. Always remember you matter, you're important, and you're loved. Your presence on this Earth makes a difference, whether you see it or not."

Since the posts were shared, hundreds have commented, praising the group for offering such a positive message.


One person said: "This is a lovely thing to do, thank you for bringing hope to people who need it."

A second wrote: "Amen. I love what you're doing. Every station should do this."

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MIND: 0300 123 3393.

Samaritans: 116 123.

CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858, inside London 0800 58 58 58.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram/@allontheboard

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