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Two Climate Change Activists Have Superglued Themselves To A Brisbane Bridge

Two Climate Change Activists Have Superglued Themselves To A Brisbane Bridge

The teenagers were escorted off the Victoria Bridge by police.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Climate change activists have struck Queensland, hoping their disruption of traffic will raise awareness for their cause.

Extinction Rebellion, an organisation of people who protest against inaction on the Earth's health, has been rallying across the globe over recent months to spread their message.

Demonstrations have used a variety of tactics to get their message across, including chants, dramatic poses and...superglue.

Yep, in fact, two protestors have superglued themselves to Victoria Bridge in Brisbane.

Extinction Rebellion

Pictures uploaded to Extinction Rebellion's South East Queensland page show a 17-year-old and 18-year-old on the ground with the arms and legs splayed.

"We have two young rebels that have glued themselves to Victoria Bridge," one post reads. "[Protestor], 17, and Connor, 18, know they have more at stake as young people and are keen to fight for climate justice."

Local public transport wasn't affected but oncoming cars had to be diverted until police could take the teens away.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police said disruption started at 9.45am and the bridge fully reopened to traffic at 10.30am.

Extinction Rebellion

This latest protest has prompted outrage from the state's opposition who say it's a waste of police resources and mucks up people's day.

Opposition leader Deb Frecklington told the Courier Mail: "It's appalling protesters are glueing themselves to roads while our emergency services are fighting more than 60 fires.

"These protesters are not only disrupting everyday Queenslanders, they are diverting police resources...Queenslanders have had enough of these protesters."

This isn't the first time Extinction Rebellion protestors have used glue during the demonstrations, with a woman supergluing her breasts to the road in London this year.

Jamie Lorriman

According to The Sun, the woman - who was protesting with Extinction Rebellion - had glued her upper half to the ground outside global investment banking company Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street.

Cops surrounded the one-woman protest and used screens to stop the public watching on before eventually removing her from the floor (ouch). From there she was led away by officers.

Another demonstration was held in London's financial district where protestors linked their superglued hands together and the people on either end glued themselves to the wall - essentially creating a human blockade for anyone wanting to enter the building.

One of the protesters, Adam Woodall, explained that they targeted the Stock Exchange because 'people are making millions, even billions of pounds out of trading ecological destruction'.

Featured Image Credit: Extinction Rebellion

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