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Vegan Protestors Yell At Meat Eating Diners At Perth Restaurant

Vegan Protestors Yell At Meat Eating Diners At Perth Restaurant

One activist explained the brutal ways that farm animals get killed.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Vegan protestors have been filmed marching through a Perth suburb yelling at people trying to have a meal.

People belonging to the group, Direct Action Everywhere, made a line and walked through Leederville with signs and even a big screen.

Activist James Warden told 9 News: "On the screens we'll be playing the Dominion documentary that highlights the inherent cruelty of the industry, speciesism. So that's all we're trying to project."

Dominion was released last year which included secret camera and drone footage of farm practices that are pretty confronting to watch. While everyone needs to know how their food goes from paddock to plate, to have that thrown in their face at dinner time is intense.

They filmed the walk through, with the highlight being when they approached diners at a restaurant and began shouting about what goes on at abattoirs and farms around the country.

"Chicks are blended alive in a macerator or gassed to death simply because they don't produce eggs," one woman yelled.

"Male calves are slaughtered as young as six weeks old simply because they don't produce milk.

"Animals don't want better lives, they want freedom. We have a choice the animals don't."

The diners don't look one bit interested or impressed that their evening out is being interrupted by someone shouting about how animals die. Don't get us wrong, they're giving the same look when a busker walks past looking for some spare change.

They've posted their walk through on Facebook, which has been met with praise and scorn.

"Well done, you've just annoyed regular people who are just trying to have an enjoyable night out. If anything you have turned more people against your cause," wrote one person.

"You guys rock. Never be silent," said another.

This is the same group that dumped a dead piglet onto a counter top in a Perth McDonald's in September.

Direct Action Everywhere

They held signs saying 'meat is murder' and 'I want to live' in a bid to highlight the plight of animals kept in farms for production.

Why they'd be targeting a Macca's isn't clear but they wanted to send a clear message that something had to die in order for people to live.

This follows a series of protests across Australia over the last few months, some of which have resulted in dozens of arrests and charges laid.

Featured Image Credit: Direct Action Everywhere

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