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Woman Gets Guy To Fix Her Drawers With Hilarious Dating App Profile

Woman Gets Guy To Fix Her Drawers With Hilarious Dating App Profile

Canadian Hinge user Sarina went viral after posting a TikTok of her profile that asked for someone to come and fix her drawers.

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Here's a hook up you might not expect to happen via an online dating app, as one Canadian Hinge user managed to get a much-needed DIY job done after tailoring her profile to attract someone who would be able to fix her drawers.

TikTok user Sarina, 20, from Canada went viral this week after filming herself scrolling through her Hinge profile that had been set up with one idea in mind: to get someone to come and fix a set of IKEA dresser drawers that had broken.


Unlike Tinder, Hinge users answer a series of questions as part of their profile and Sarina's video showed her going through her answers, where it quickly became clear that she needed someone experienced in handling wood for an altogether more different reason than your average online dating app user.

Making sure all her answers were centred around her broken drawers, Sarina said her "dream man" was someone who could fix them for her.


She was also asked the "one thing she'd love to know" about a match, to which she replied: "If you're good at building things."

Keeping her eyes on the prize, she then responded to the statement "I'll know it's time to delete Hinge when...", by commenting: "My drawers are fixed."

And just to really get the point home that it was her drawers that needed some tender loving care, Sarina superimposed a picture of herself onto a stock photo of the IKEA drawers, along with a stickman drawing of someone fixing them.


This is the sort of wholesome content TikTok users love of course, and the video has racked up more than 34,000 likes - but the best bit is that the profile was successful!

Asked by a TikTok user if she'd managed to get her drawers fixed, Sarina replied "YESS Hinge is the place to get it done."

The response sent viewers into a frenze, with some labelling Sarina a "hero". We admire her ingenuity but perhaps let's not go that far.


The other burning question from all this though was that, because she did post her 'advert' on a dating site, what was the guy like? TikTok users were desperate for a "part two" to find out about the bloke who fixed the drawers.

"GIRL BE CAREFUL," one user joked. "I met someone off Bumble to help build my couch and now I have serious feelings for him."

Another added: "Girl you're playing Queen's Gambit chess while we're out here playing checkers."

A third wrote: "OMG why is this actually so smart!"

We're awaiting for news on whether Sarina's mystery DIY man managed to fix more than just her furniture, but for now we can only salute her on getting her drawers working once again.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok

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