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Volunteer Firefighter Jacqui Is Praised For Savage Comment When Meeting Scott Morrison

Volunteer Firefighter Jacqui Is Praised For Savage Comment When Meeting Scott Morrison

There's no denying tensions between firefighters and the Prime Minister are high at the moment.

While Scott Morrison has pledged a large sum of money to help New South Wales firefighters battle massive blazes, he's copped it hard for skipping town with his family to holiday in Hawaii during a bushfire emergency.


That's why footage of the country's leader meeting a volunteer firefighter is so iconic.

The PM was being led around a fire station in Mudgee, NSW, when he was introduced to volunteer firie Jacqui.

The Project captured their exchange as federal MP Andrew Gee introduced the pair with: "Jacqui, this is the prime minister."

"He's not my prime minister," Jacqui replied.


That is a fairly savage comment and pretty bold when the Prime Minister is standing right there.

But according to, this back and forth wasn't meant to be as brutal as everyone thinks. Once the cameras stopped rolling, the three people reportedly chatted some more and laughed about different topics.

But Jacqui revealed that she is British and living in Australia, so many people reckon she was actually just saying that Scott Morrison isn't really her Prime Minister because it's technically Boris Johnson.

Mr Morrison tweeted yesterday about the exchange: "Indeed, as Jacqui joked with me yesterday, I'm not her PM, because she's British, Boris Johnson is.

"But with local MP Andrew Gee, we made a decent pitch for her to become an Aussie yesterday. She and the other RFS volunteers have been doing an incredible job battling these blazes."

He also told reporters about the good work being done by firefighters in Mudgee and across the country.

"Wherever you are, be reassured that the effort and the co-ordination is extraordinary," Mr Morrison said in a press conference.

"The level of detail, whether it's in the headquarters or whether it's in the incident response centres like we are here in Mudgee, is extraordinary."

Featured Image Credit: Scott Morrison/Twitter

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