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Three Ways To Catch Up With Your Mates If You Aren’t Ready To Socialise In Person Yet

Three Ways To Catch Up With Your Mates If You Aren’t Ready To Socialise In Person Yet

You're not alone

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Now that the social distancing rules that we've all adhered to for months are starting to relax, group chats are understandably going gangbusters.

People who haven't seen each other in seemingly forever are now organising catch-ups, others are scheduling birthday parties at their favourite pub and some are setting up coffees, BBQs and dinners to make up for lost time.

But if you're a little hesitant to throw yourself back into the social scene, you're not alone.

There are loads of people who might be anxious about socialising again with big groups but there are a few ways you can still catch up while remaining socially distant.

Host A Fun Virtual Experiment

You've probably done a million trivia quizzes over the last few weeks with your mates, but there's a whole list of games that you can play.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has created a really interesting experiment that requires at least three people.

The legendary alcohol brand got three Lair Lords, including stand-up comedian Gen Fricker, Twitch streamer Crayator and illustrator Jake Ross, to virtually meet up and show us how it's done.

Clearly it takes a bit of skill from everyone but the results can be brilliant.

All you need to do is simply dial in your mates, elect one person to have a picture, the other to be the descriptor and the third to be the drawer.

The second person has to describe what they're seeing in the picture and the third person has to draw it. Have a play around with it and see what hilariousness comes out of it.

Watch A Movie With Your Pals Online


While this might sound a little silly, it's a great way for people who are dying to watch a new movie or TV show together, but aren't comfortable leaving their home.

You can use Netflix's Party feature, which syncs two accounts together so that you're watching the same thing at the same time.

The feature also has a group chat so that you and your pals can chat about whatever is on the telly or laptop as if you were all there together.

Get Painting

Loads of people were soaking up places that offered a chance to paint while knocking back a few drinks before the pandemic hit. While they will likely stay closed for a while, there's no reason why you can't host your own.

Just nip to your local bottle shop or order online, grab an easel, a portrait and some paint and get your mates to do the same.

Once you settle on the feature image, you can crack on and get painting.

People should only get themselves back into their usual social scenes once they feel comfortable. There's no rush and you should only do it when you know you can be safe.

Because a few of these games involve booze, please remember to drink responsibly and remember: no one under the age of 18 should consume alcohol.

Featured Image Credit: Kraken

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