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​Woman At Centre Of Aussie Daylight Oral Sex Story 'Can't Remember' The Incident

​Woman At Centre Of Aussie Daylight Oral Sex Story 'Can't Remember' The Incident

The woman at the centre of the recent news story involving oral sex on a train in broad daylight has now spoken out about the incident, saying that 'can't remember' what happened.

Dad-of-three Shane Brennan was apparently minding his own business one morning while waiting for a train from Port Kembla to Wollongong, when the woman approached him, telling him she was 'horny'.


While Brennan rejected the advances from Chantell Gordon, 34, she allegedly started masturbating while inside the train and eventually gave him oral sex, before Brennan rinsed his penis with a bottle of Coca Cola.

Unfortunately their daylight tryst was captured on CCTV cameras and authorities were waiting for Brennan as he stepped off the carriage - telling officers: "I got a blow job on the train and I was rinsing my cock off."

Credit: Facebook/Shane Brennan
Credit: Facebook/Shane Brennan

Gordon has now also spoken out about what happened, revealing that that has no recollection of the encounter.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she admitted that she has a problem with drugs.


When asked about the incident, she flatly told the news outlet: "I can't remember."

She also explained that she was shocked to hear that she had been in the news, saying: "Someone told me yesterday and I didn't believe them because I haven't been in trouble,

"They said I hadn't been in trouble and stuff like that. They said I was getting a fine for (the sex incident)."

She explained that she had been using methadone to try and recover from her drug addiction, adding: "I haven't had a bloke... I've been trying to bring myself up, care for myself."

Gordon was charged with willful and obscene exposure and offensive behaviour in a public place, and will reportedly face court over the charges on Wednesday.

Co-accused Brennan was also booked for willful and obscene exposure and offensive behavior, and has plead guilty - copping a AUD$700 (£385 / $540)fine and was placed on a good behaviour bond.

His solicitor told the magistrate: "The facts speak for themselves... he took the opportunity that presented itself."

Brennan has said that the incident has landed him 'in strife' with his girlfriend of 12 years.

"I'm in strife. She's not happy," he told the Daily Mail.

"I didn't know they had cameras all throughout the train. She was the one masturbating. If she didn't offer me nothing I wouldn't have fucking done it.

"I can't help myself."

Brennan thought it wouldn't have been an issue considering the train was empty, saying: "You'd think the train guard would've said, 'Good on ya, mate.'"

A $700 fine has probably made him realise that this wasn't the case.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Shane Brennan

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