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Woman Calls Out ‘Misogynistic' Date Who Told Her Women Should 'Know Their Role'

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Woman Calls Out ‘Misogynistic' Date Who Told Her Women Should 'Know Their Role'

A woman has called out her 'misogynistic' date who told that her women 'need to know their role', telling him 'this isn't the 1800s'.


TikToker Haley Hyde (@haleyhydee) posted a video about a recent first date, explaining that she knew it simply wouldn't work out - and how she decided to tell him why.

In on-screen captions, she explained: "Went on a first date last night, was disrespected the whole time.

"Told him it wasn't going to work out. He told me on the date that his last first date didn't work out because he called the girl an 'air head'.

"Keeps saying I'm smart for a barista, but didn't know what misogynistic meant."

In a screen record of their conversation, we see that Haley told him things were not going to work, writing: "You were being super misogynistic, and I know you weren't doing it [on] purpose but that shit's not charming or funny anymore and hasn't been for a long time."

The man then asked: "What's that mean?"

Credit: TikTok/@haleyhydee
Credit: TikTok/@haleyhydee

When Haley clarified that he was asking what 'misogynistic' meant, she replied: "Didn't you say your biggest pet peeve was ignorant people? Look it up."

His comeback? "I would if I cared. You use big words for being a barista."

Haley then told him that he 'can't expect to get anywhere with a girl if you're going to talk down to them' and 'tell them you're sending them to cooking school', but the man didn't seem too bothered, hitting back to say he hoped his next date 'looks as good as the pics and has a personality'.

She replied: "Love the switch up after you get rejected lol. You got tiny man syndrome."

Their conversation continued at the same pace for a while, before he took things a little further, saying: "Woman [we think he means 'women' here...] do need to know their role though."

As her final mic drop, Haley then wrote: "You're a sexist piece of s***t dude.

Credit: TikTok/@haleyhydee
Credit: TikTok/@haleyhydee

"No self respecting woman is gonna wanna be with you. Hence why you're 24, single, and can't get past first dates.

"This isn't the 1800s, women know [their] worth, and know that there are men out there that won't treat them as a piece of f***ing property. The way you talk is disgusting, and you can't handle rejection. It's sad."

His final reply was that her response was 'impressive for a barista', but judging from the 141,000 likes the video has garnered, it looks like she may have had the last laugh.

One person commented: "When he pulled the 'for a barista' card twice you know he was love on ammunition lmao."

Someone else said: "Misogynistic is a big word??? Oh girl lol. You handled this so well for real."

A third added: "Him thinking misogynistic is a big word told me everything I needed to know."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@haleyhydee

Topics: World News, News, Dating, Relationships, TikTok

Jess Hardiman
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