Bagel Shop Customer Coughs On Woman Who Calls Her Out For Not Wearing A Mask

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Bagel Shop Customer Coughs On Woman Who Calls Her Out For Not Wearing A Mask

A woman was filmed deliberately coughing in another customer's face who called her out for not wearing a face mask while both were being served in a bagel shop.


The incident took place in a New York City bagel house, where the first woman, who was not wearing a face mask, can be seen picking up her order.

Another woman waiting in the queue pointed her out to an employee at the cafe, saying that she is putting people at risk by not wearing a face covering. The first woman overheard the complaint and quickly lost her temper, shouting: "Say it to my face!"


She then grabbed her bag and walked over to the queue, coughing in the face of the woman who called her out.

The second woman shared a post on Facebook, which read: "Words truly cannot express my disappointment in humanity these days. I know there are bigger problems in the nation right now but more and more it seems the people who are just trying to stand up for the right things are getting bulldozed by bullies.

Credit: Twitter/DoDoDoDoug
Credit: Twitter/DoDoDoDoug

"I was getting my bagel and noticed a patron who was coughing, not covering her mouth, and not wearing a mask.


"I politely pointed this out to the woman working at the store and told her that the store should enforce masks to worn by patrons while inside the store.

"The unmasked patron overheard my complaint and became enraged yelling at me calling me names claiming she has Covid antibodies and doesn't need to wear a mask in public so I should mind my own f***ing business.

"She then proceeded to come towards me and repeatedly cough on me as seen in this video.

"I share this to say please choose kindness in these situations. Look out for one another like patrons who took this video and asked if I was okay.


"Tomorrow is a new day - look out for everyone in your community and please choose peace and kindness."

The servers in the store continued to serve the woman, who was identified on social media. The woman's past employers, which include a medical college, where she worked as an assistant research coordinator, also publicly condemned her actions.

LADbible has reached out to the bagel house where the incident took place for comment.

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