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Woman Ends Up On Date With Guy Who Saved Her From Weight Machine

Woman Ends Up On Date With Guy Who Saved Her From Weight Machine

The original video racked up 5.8 million views, with thousands of comments from people wanting to know what happend next

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A woman has gone viral after a kind stranger helped her out at the gym when she came into a spot of bother, documenting what happened next by showing they went on a date.

TikToker Ashley (@fitby.ash) posted a video yesterday from when she was using the gym while on holiday.

In the clip, she is using weights to do squats, but suddenly finds she can't get back up and begins to slide from the platform she's standing on.

Thankfully, a stranger sees what's happened and comes over to help, grabbing the weight bar before helping Ashley back up as she laughs.

She wrote: "I am so embarrassed that this just happened."

In the caption, Ashley added: "I'm on vacation btw HAHAHAHHA."


The video racked up 5.8 million views and one million likes, with thousands of comments from curious TiKTokers - many of whom were desperate for more detail, asking Ashley for updates.

She responded to a follower's comment, which said 'I hope you go out on a date w him', with a follow-up video, smiling into the camera as she sat in the passenger seat of a car before panning round to show the man driving next to her.

Another post showed him spotting her while she squatted again, while the next saw them sitting in a restaurant together being playful.

Many people found they became fully invested in the blossoming romance, with one writing: "If u both don't get married then idk anymore."

Someone else commented: "YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE OMG."


A third said: "This queen is living the dream we all strive for."

But not everyone was feeling the love, arguing that the clips had been staged and that the duo might have already been a couple.

"It's obviously her bf y'all so gullible," one said.

In the comments, Ashley tagged the helpful 'stranger', who turned out to be a man called Preston Pelfrey (@preston.pelfrey).

Over on his TikTok, he also shared updates on what had happened, posting one video showing them hanging out together.

"I'd say it's been a good day @fitby.ash," he wrote, adding in the video: "Here's the update for y'all wondering."

In another, captioned 'Date night 2?', he appeared to be lying in bed with Ashley.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@fitby.ash

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