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Woman Gets Arrested After Lighting Up Cigarette On Plane

Woman Gets Arrested After Lighting Up Cigarette On Plane

The passenger on a US flight to Florida was escorted off the plane

A woman was arrested in the United States after she lit up a cigarette on an aeroplane. Watch the video below to see her being escorted off the aircraft:

The smoker was on a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and as shown in the video, she was sat with a lot of angry passengers.

Alexa Majdalawi, 31, posted the clip on TikTok and told Fox News that she suffers from asthma.

The 31-year-old was sat behind the perpetrator on the Spirit Airlines flight at Detroit Airport.


Alexa said: "She literally took out a cigarette and just started smoking. I said, 'Is this real life?'"

She posted the footage of the incident yesterday (25 Aug) via her TikTok profile @heyalexa_nah.

The post has already gone viral with over 6.2 million views and 787,000 likes.

Throughout the footage, however, is another very loud passenger who hilariously couldn't keep her thoughts to herself.


The Sheriff basically told her to keep her voice down as he was arresting the woman that lit the cig, who strangely didn't seem to utter a sound.

Users in the comments section seemed to be more concerned with the talkative woman than the matter at hand, however.

One person wrote: "I love the talkative woman she just saying out loud what everybody thinking LOL."

A second TikToker added: "I love the hype woman, she was the spokesperson for the entire plane."

While a third wrote: "We found our leader of the plane. If we going down, we know who to listen to!"

LADbible has contacted Spirit Airlines and the Broward County Sheriff's Office for comment.

In other plane-related news, an airline passenger was duct-taped to his chair after he reportedly punched a male flight attendant and groped female members of the crew while walking around the aircraft with his shirt off.

WPVI-TV reports a man named Maxwell Berry, 22, from Norwalk, Ohio was arrested on 31 July after a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami.

Maxwell Berry, 22, from Norwalk, Ohio.
Miami Dade County Corrections

Berry reportedly had two drinks on the plane and used his empty cup to touch the backside of a female flight attendant.

That's when a male flight attendant saw what Berry was doing and went to address the situation. The 22-year-old responded by punching that crew member in the face.

Passengers then stepped in and managed to restrain him, duct-taping Berry to his seat.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@heyalexa_nah

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