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Woman 'Kept Mum's Body In Freezer For 10 Years'

Woman 'Kept Mum's Body In Freezer For 10 Years'

The Japanese woman has been arrested after the body was found in a Tokyo apartment

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A woman was arrested after 'hiding her mother's body in her freezer for the past 10 years'.

Yumi Yoshino, from Tokyo, reportedly claims she found her mum dead and decided to hide it because the 48-year-old "didn't want to move out" of the home they both shared.

According to reports, police found no visible wounds to her mother's body, and authorities were not able to determine the cause or time of death.

Ms Yoshino had recently been ordered to leave the property due to unpaid rent, and her mother's body was discovered by a cleaner.

Following the discovery, Ms Yoshino was arrested in a hotel in the city of Chiba on Friday (29 January).

The woman was arrested after the body was found in her Tokyo home.

Back in 2019, police were horrified when, while carrying out a welfare check on an elderly couple, they found not only the corpse of the 75-year-old woman but also, hidden away inside a freezer, the body of her 69-year-old husband.

Officers visited the property in Tooele, Utah, and, alongside the bodies, found a letter written by Paul Mathers - and signed by a lawyer - which said that his wife Jeanne Souron-Mathers had nothing to do with his death.

At the time, police said Mr Mathers had a terminal illness, adding that it's likely he died sometime between 4 February 2009 and 8 March 2009.

Sergeant Jeremy Hansen of the Tooele Police Department told reporters: "I've been here 13 years - this is one of the strangest cases. We've never had anything like this."

He went on to say officers had opened the fridge after finding Ms Souron-Mathers' body and were hoping that its contents would give 'some type of timeline' for her death. However, after one cop opened up a chest freezer in the utility room he was horrified to find 'and unidentified deceased adult male in the freezer'.

A man in India was mistakenly placed in a freezer by his family.

And last year, a 74-year-old man in India was rescued after he was put into a freezer by family members, who were mistakenly under the impression he had died.

Balasubramanyam Kumar had fallen critically ill in his village of Kandhampatti in Tamil Nadu state, and was bed-ridden, The Independent reports.

Soon, his relatives noticed he had stopped moving, and started arrangements to deal with his passing, believing he had died.

The family ordered for a large freezer box to be delivered, and placed his body inside so it could be kept for the performance of the last rites.

However, when a staff member from the company supplying the freezer box came to pick up the vessel the following day, he noticed Kumar's body appeared to still be moving.

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