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Woman Left With Black Rotting Nose After Operation Goes Wrong

Woman Left With Black Rotting Nose After Operation Goes Wrong

She was left hospitalised for two months and sustained permanent damage to her nose

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

WARNING - this article contains some distressing images, so if you'd rather not see them click away now.

A woman in China was left with a rotting nose following a botched rhinoplasty.

Actor Gao Liu, 24, shared shocking images of her severely damaged nose to warn others about the dangers of cosmetic surgery.


She has now reached a settlement with the clinic that carried out the surgery, with the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission saying the surgeon who performed the procedure did not have the right qualifications to do so.

The clinic was hit with a fine of 49,000 Yen (£5,410) for allowing the unqualified doctor to perform surgery there.

Meanwhile the surgeon was suspended for six months.

Liu underwent the operation at the unnamed clinic in Guangzhou in the Chinese province of Guangdong in October last year.


The actor said she was advised to undergo costal cartilage surgery, a procedure in which cartilage from the ear is transplanted to the nose.

Liu explained she went ahead with the procedure without looking into it or the surgeon's background, saying that she made a 'bad call' based on a recommendation by a friend.

The botched operation left Liu in hospital for two months and she sustained permanent damage to her nose.

As a result of the disfigurement caused by the surgery, Liu says she lost work and received fines for breaching her contract.


Details of the settlement reached by Liu and the clinic have not been made public.

Just last month, a reality TV star from Russia begged her followers for help after she was told she had just 'one or two months' to save her nose following a botched procedure.

Anastasia Balinskaya shared shocking images of her nose on Instagram where she pleaded with her 163,000 followers to help her raise enough money to get medical intervention to save her nose.


The influencer said the reaction was caused by an implant in her nose and has slammed the surgeon who carried out the operation for the poor quality work and aftercare.

The 29-year-old also urged people to think twice before going under the knife, warning: "You can't use plastic surgery to boost your self-esteem."

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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