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​Woman Pranks Husband With Six Months’ Worth Of Amazon Boxes

​Woman Pranks Husband With Six Months’ Worth Of Amazon Boxes

Maureen's prank was six months in the making

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Every year as April Fool's Day rolls around, most of us prepare ourselves for all the half-hearted pranks that we know will just fall flat. Plastic spider on the loo seat? C'mon, mate. A fake pregnancy scan? I mean, we all know that's just distasteful. A post-it note on your mate's back that reads 'Kick me'? Seriously, are you eight years old?

But some pranks, when planned carefully and executed well, can work a right bloody treat.

One woman in the States decided to use April Fool's Day as the perfect opportunity to prank her unsuspecting husband, having been working on her trickery for a whopping six months. Now that is dedication.

For the past half-year, Maureen Pritchard - who hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin - had been saving up all of her boxes from old Amazon deliveries, along with those from her parents and her sister.

She then placed them ALL of them outside her house, and waited for her husband, Rob, to come home.

That's a lot of boxes...
Maureen Pritchard/Facebook

In the video clip, you can see Rob arriving back at the house and copping all the boxes - no doubt wondering what the hell his wife had been buying.

Realising the extent to the mountain of boxes, he asked Maureen: "What is all that?!"

Uploading the video to Facebook, Maureen wrote: "I've been planning an April Fools joke to play on Rob for MONTHS!! I got him good! I wish I would have continued to record right away when he came in the house.

"When he saw me recording out the window I thought he realised that it was a joke, but when he came inside he kept asking, 'What IS all that?!?'

"I had to explain that it was six months of saved boxes, from us, my parents and my sister! The second video is his reaction."

She added: "Anyone need any boxes?!?

"You have no idea how many people slowed down or stopped in front of our house all day today!"

Maureen's husband, Rob.
Maureen Pritchard/Facebook

The prank, which was a long time in the making, proved to be a hit with Maureen's fellow Facebookers, and the post soon went viral.

One person commented: "This will go down as one of the best April Fool's pranks! I have seen this all over Instagram. This was genius Maureen Pritchard! You are my hero!"

Another, who could clearly relate, wrote: "Coming home and seeing just three of those boxes stresses me out."

Someone else said how impressed the boxes were still there when Rob returned home, writing: "With all the 'package thieves' out there, I am shocked that no one tried to steal any of them!! This is so funny though."

Another agreed, adding: "I'm surprised porch pirates didn't find this! Omgg so funny."

Something to bear in mind next time you think about whipping out that whoopee cushion, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Maureen Pritchard/Facebook

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