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Woman Shares Hack To Clean Stained Plastic Containers

Woman Shares Hack To Clean Stained Plastic Containers

It's genius

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

If you have ever brought a packed lunch into work, you will know what a pain in the arse it is to try and wash the stains off of your lunchbox. First world problems, eh?

Well, a TikTok user has shared her fairly genius hack to get rid of food stains almost instantly.

Posting on her social channel, Adi Kempler wrote: "This hack has saved so many of my Tupperware friends. Try it!!!!"

In the short video, Adi shows off her container, complete with a pretty hefty orange stain around the base.

She then adds a smidgen of washing up liquid before filling it with boiling water, just up to the rim of the stain. So far, so good. Nothing earth-shattering.


Adi then tears off a piece of kitchen roll, places it in the Tupperware container and closes the lid.

She then shakes the container for around 45 seconds before placing it down and opening it again, now stain free.

And that's it.

Since the clip was posted, it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and has gone down a storm with followers, some of whom have tested it out for themselves, with great results.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "This works I've done it numerous times."

While another added: "That might've just changed my life."

But the life hacks just keep on coming and coming.

Last month, a mum shared her trick for getting sand off yourself after you've been to the beach.

It's a tale as old as time. You head off for a nice day out at the beach, then after you get back you have to take the car to the cleaners or - heaven forfend - clean it yourself.

Another TikTok user showed how to get rid of sand off your foot.

What's more, everyone has to sit in the car on the way home with sand all over them.

Well, one mother has taken to TikTok to share her secret, and it's a hell of a lot simpler than you might think.

All you've got to do is remember to bring a bottle of talcum powder with you each time.

Don't believe us? Watch the video - the sand just falls right off her kid's feet as she pours it on.

Let's not pretend to understand the science behind all of this. The important thing is that it works, and nobody has to deal with a massively sandy car - even worse if it's a rental - or sit on a long journey with sand in their shorts.

You're welcome.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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