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Woman Who Was Partially Sucked Out Of Plane Window Has Died

Woman Who Was Partially Sucked Out Of Plane Window Has Died

The woman was onboard a flight from New York to Dallas when an engine exploded

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman who was almost sucked out of a plane window following an explosion has died, according to reports.

Jennifer Riordan, 43, was onboard the Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas when an engine exploded, causing the window beside the woman to shatter. Other passengers dragged the woman back inside.

Passenger Alfred Tumlinson told the Daily Mail the woman was helped by a 'man in a cowboy hat', who was then joined by a second man.

A second passenger told the news outlet: "From her waist above, she was outside the plane."


In a statement Jennifer's family said: "Jennifer's vibrancy, passion and love infused our community and reached across our country. Her impact on everything and everyone she touched can never be fully measured. But foremost, she is the bedrock of our family. She and Mike wrote a love story unlike any other. Her beauty and love is evident though her children.

"We are so appreciative of the outpouring of support from family, friends and our community. We do ask that those who seek to express their condolences and prayers as well as the media outlets respect our privacy at this time. Our family and friends need this time to both grieve and celebrate Jennifer's impact on us all.

"In her memory, please remember to always be kind, loving caring and sharing."

The plane was flying over western Pennsylvania with 143 passengers and five members of crew on board when the left engine suddenly exploded at 32,000ft.

The female pilot immediately diverted its course and flew towards Philadelphia to make an emergency landing. It arrived at 11.30am, around 10 minutes after the engine exploded.

Facebook/Marty Martinez

She called control to tell them the plane was in danger, saying: "It's not on fire but part of it's missing. They said there is a hole and someone went out."

Todd Bauer, the father of another traveller, told NBC 10: "One passenger, a woman, was partially drawn out towards the out of the plane, she was pulled back in by other passengers."

One terrified passenger took to Facebook Live, showing himself using the oxygen mask.

He wrote: "I literally bought WiFi as the plane was going down because I wanted to be able to reach the people I loved...thinking these were my final moments on earth.

"And put in a position to have to prioritize the people I loved to send them my final words was an absolutely gut wrenching feeling.

"So I thought to Facebook LIVE my experience, thinking this would be my last communication with the people I loved and my team back home."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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