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​Women Call For ‘Mandatory’ Period Cramp Simulators After Hilarious TikTok Video Goes Viral

Jess Hardiman

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​Women Call For ‘Mandatory’ Period Cramp Simulators After Hilarious TikTok Video Goes Viral

Women are calling for period cramp simulator machines to be a 'mandatory' experience for men after a TikTok video showed a bunch of blokes yelping in shock after using one.


The group of friends behind the TikTok page Benz Trap House (@benztraphouse) regularly post about what they get up to together, and for their latest form of entertainment they decided to try out a machine that simulates period cramps.

"The boys tried a period simulator," the video's caption says.

They start off with a 'test run', with one of the female members of the group strapped up to the machine as it's cranked up to the highest level.

Clearly used to worse, she simply shrugs it off as if she barely feels anything.

Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse
Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse

The men, however, find the experience a little less easy, begging for the person behind the controls to 'stop'.

One by one, they step up to give it a go in front of the others, each seemingly surprised by the amount of pain involved.

"Is it supposed to hurt like that?!" one asks through giggles.

When another of them gives it a go, his body tightens and he says: "Oh, there go the kneecaps!"

While another of the women says 'it's not even as bad as a cramp', a third man next to her is doubled over laughing through the pain.

The woman turns to the person recording and says: "Yeah, my cramps are worse than this."

Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse
Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse

After being posted a few days ago, the video soon went viral, racking up 1.4 million views and 252,000 likes.

Many other TikTokers have commented to say it's proof that such devices should be 'mandatory' for fellas.

One person wrote: "Please this needs to be added to every high school health class cause some guys really don't understand the pain."

Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse
Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse

Someone else agreed: "This should be a mandatory class for men."

Taking the idea a little further, a third added: "Hear me out. Let's make policy makers to this, so women can get time off or benefits for having to go through this pain every month and still work."

Others just found the whole thing hilarious, with one other saying: "Seeing this makes me feel invincible."

Another commented: "The one talking about how the pain shooting down the leg is so validating."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@benztraphouse

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Jess Hardiman
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