You Can Buy Walter White Silicon Headgear To Look Like Heisenberg For Halloween


You Can Buy Walter White Silicon Headgear To Look Like Heisenberg For Halloween

With Halloween creeping up on us, you might be looking for a bit of comic relief from what has been quite the heavy year - and this Walter White mask might be just the tonic.


Granted - you might be spending Spooky Season alone if things continue on their current path, but at least you can sit safe knowing you look like the esteemed meth dealer of Breaking Bad fame.

We might be back to Zoom calls when the big day rolls round, but you could surprise your mates with the actually very life-like headgear.


The masks usually retail at $89 (about £70) but they're currently on offer at $34.99 (£27). What's more, you get free delivery if you buy two of the masks, meaning if you really wanted to, you could team up with another one of your mates and go for the double.

The website reads: "The Perfect alignment to the eyes brings the character to life.

"You can put on this disturbingly realistic chemist mask and instantly transform you into Walter White. Now you look like Walter White. Go outside and let us see how people react to it."


It's quite to the point, isn't it.

The masks come in one size, and is made from 'food grade silicon', not Latex - no excuses, lads.

And we know you're probably going to be all over this, because the people - and nd by people I mean LADbible's Twitter followers - voted it the best TV show of the 21st century.

The series that made Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul household names has been named the best show of the past 20 years.


And when you look at some of the series it pipped to the post, it's quite some feat.

In the first semi-final, with 47.8 percent of the vote, Game of Thrones eased past The Office (UK/US), which took 33.1 percent, Black Mirror (9.9 percent), and The Wire (9.2 percent).

And it was a similar story in the second semi, with Breaking Bad (50.2 percent) defeating Peaky Blinders (32.3 percent), Stranger Things (14.9 percent), and Mad Men (2.6 percent).


In the final, Heisenberg and Jesse were pitted against the colossal fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which they narrowly beat, taking 50.8 percent of the 11,429 votes that were cast.

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