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You Can Get Paid £140,000 A Year To Warm Beds

Dominic Smithers

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You Can Get Paid £140,000 A Year To Warm Beds

So the saying goes, do something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Or something like that.

Well, one thing that unites us all, no matter our political affiliations, our football teams or even our favoured condiment (ketchup), is the love we share for beds.

So if you're looking for a new career, how about becoming an official bed warmer?

The average salary for this fairly cushy number is an incredible $200,000 (£144,000) per year.


This might be one of the most bizarre jobs of all - not just because it's unusual, but also you could pay far less for a hot water bottle or electric blanket.

So yes, a 'bed warmer' does exactly what it says on the tin. Apparently, some people will shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get someone to warm their bed up for them.

Obviously this varies depending on the location, company and experience - but even so, imagine if your job was to lay down in a bed?!

But it's not the only interest job going out there.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Let's have a look at some of the other career choices on offer:

Online Dating Writer

Average pay: $24 (£17) per hour


Ever wondered why Tinder doesn't work for you? Maybe it's your profile...

Just kidding, whoever gets to be with you is a lucky, lucky person. Nonetheless, if you're worried your profile isn't up to scratch, turns out there are people whose primary job is to write them for others.

If that sounds like your ideal job, it pays well and the positions are from home. Who knew Cupid was a freelancer?

Professional Mourner


Average pay: $100,000 (£71,800) per year

According to CheatSheet, some people stand in as mourners for funerals while others might be bridesmaids who would have been.

Reckon you could do that? Then you'd be in for a fair bit of pocket.



Average pay: $31 (£22) per hour

Surprisingly, this job has nothing to do with hippos - it's actually about riding horses.

Also known as 'equine-assisted therapy', this practice, as noted by WikiPedia, involves a variety of treatments that comprise activities with horses and other equines to help people with physical and mental health.

So as well as helping people to recover and getting to hang out with horses, you'll earn a pretty penny along the way. Win, win, win!

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Veterinary Acupuncturist

Average pay: $35 (£25) per hour

Acupuncturists, listen up - your jobs apply to animals too.

Hippos, horses, herrings etc. - they get the same benefits from the treatment as humans do.

Who knew?

"You would use needles, tools and techniques such as massages, blood-moving approaches, frequency approaches and polarity devices," says Indeed.

"This job requires you to have training and certification in acupuncture. A love for animals is also important for succeeding in the role."

Pool Technician

Average pay: $37,440 (£27,000) per year

Definitely not the highest salary on this list, but imagine making that much money for cleaning someone's swimming pool?

Iopool points out that pool services cost, on average, two times more than it would to do it yourself.

You could easily sort it on your own, but many people choose to get someone else in to do the job. And they're more than happy to fork out a decent amount of cash in the process.

Golf Ball Retrieval

Average pay: $100,000 (£72,000) per year

Even if you find golf really boring, you wouldn't be so disinterested if you found out how much 'golf ball retrievers' earned.

Imagine earning 100k each year for jumping into ponds and recovering balls for people who didn't quite hit their target?

Boring, sure - but the money would leave you straight on course to realising your dreams.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Computer Hacker

Average pay: $115,000 (£83,000) per year

Most people have a bad view of computer hackers, but actually they are super smart and necessary in the right situation.

For instance, they can be useful when testing the security of software, aka they can help ensure no 'real' hackers have access to a company's network.

Obviously this is the kind of role where you need quite recognised skills, alongside a degree in some sort of technological field.

Reckon you fit the bill? Well then you could be in for a decent wage.

Colour Expert

Average pay: $18-$23 (£13-£17) per hour

What might be most surprising about this job is that you don't even need a college degree - just training.

As outlined by Indeed: "A colour expert is a job where you use colour psychology, trends, statistics and theory to suggest the best colours for homes, company buildings, brand logos and more."

It makes sense that it helps if you're a creative person.

Master Marijuana Extractor

Average pay: $50,135-$84,465 (£36,100-£61,000) per year

The weed industry is having a moment, and so are the people who are in it.

In fact, being a so-called master marijuana extractor could earn you some big bucks.

Still not sure what the job entails? It's basically the cannabis version of being a brewer - those who hold this title process weed and hemp to create oils, concentrates and edibles.

You'll have to hold a degree in a related field, so if this sounds like your dream job, might be time to get applying!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Dominic Smithers
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