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​You Can Now Get A Train From Wigan To North Korea

​You Can Now Get A Train From Wigan To North Korea

And the £3k ticket price even includes a pie barm... SCORE!

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

The more adventurous among you may have driven along the East Coast of America, traversed Europe with an Interrail pass or hopped on to the Trans Siberian Express. But have you ever taken the route less travelled gone from Wigan to Pyongyang in North Korea?

Yeah, I thought as much - not so well-travelled now are you?

The Wigan-to-Pyonggyang tour (the first of its kind, unsurprisingly) is organised by Lupine Travel, who launch the slightly unusual train journey next year.

The month-long tour costs £3,195, including a deposit of £950, and takes place between 25 April and 24 May 2020.

The trip starts in Wigan, where you'll chow down on the local delicacy known as a pie barm (known locally as a Wigan kebab; vegetarian and vegan options available!) and wash it down with a can of Vimto, before heading on to London.

You'll get a Galloways pie stuffed into a barm. Heaven.

From there, it's Berlin, Moscow and Beijing, before eventually ending up in Pyongyang for a four-night tour of North Korea.

However, sections can be booked independently, so if you'd prefer to start your journey in London and skip out Wigan altogether (I mean, you'd be mad), then that can also be arranged.

The itinerary.
Lupine Travel

The price of the trip includes many highlights - not least that pie barm lunch - but you will have to arrange certain elements yourself, such as visas and travel insurance.


Transport and tours as per itinerary. Accommodation (sleeper trains, hostels in Russia and Mongolia, 3* in Wigan, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw and China, local 4* in North Korea)
Visa support
Visa registration in each country (when required)
All meals in North Korea, some meals in Irkutsk and Ulan Bator
Lupine tour leader; in London, during the Moscow to Mongolia section and also in North Korea
Lupine staff will be present in various cities along the way to assist with all aspects, but will only travel on trains if the group size is large enough
Local guides in Irkutsk, Ulan Bator and North Korea

PA. Locals in traditional costumes perform dance in Pyongyang.


Visas: Belarus transit visa, Russian visa, Mongolian visa, dual entry Chinese visa
North Korean visa (we will arrange this for you, at a cost of €50, to be payable on arrival into Dandong)
Travel insurance
International flights
Tips for guides
Food and drinks, unless otherwise stated

For £450 you can also add-on an extra three nights in North Korea, where you can visit Wŏnsan on the East Coast and the stunning Mount Kumgang National Park.

PA. Mount Kumgang National Park.

Many people have already asked about discounts with their 26-30 Railcard, but Lupine Travel has said that's sadly a no-go.

"Big Kim has let North Korea's International railcard subscription lapse," the company tweeted.

However, there is a discount with railcards for the Wigan-to-London section of the trip - every little helps, as you know.

Spring 2020: Wigan to Pyongyang... Who's in, LADs?

Featured Image Credit: Lupine Travel

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