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YouTuber Who Pranked Katie Hopkins Says He Has No Regrets About The Stunt

YouTuber Who Pranked Katie Hopkins Says He Has No Regrets About The Stunt

The far-right commentator was tricked into accepting the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

The YouTuber who pranked Katie Hopkins into accepting the 'C**T Award' says he has no regrets about the stunt.

Josh Pieters went viral last week when he tricked the far-right commentator into travelling to Prague to pick up the completely fake Campaign to United the Nation Trophy.

Oblivious to the South African's real intentions, Hopkins accepted the award and even gave a speech.

But while at first he had some reservations about the prank, Pieters says her hate-filled speech, which picked on Muslims, Asians, and the disabled, justified his actions.

Asked by the Metro whether he had had any second thoughts since the video went viral, Pieters said: "Not yet."

Explaining the purpose of the stunt, he said that he and friend Archie Manners "basically wanted to fly her to Prague for three days and give her the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy just to show her what a [c**t] she is."

But pulling off such an elaborate ruse wasn't easy.

The 26-year-old said: "A huge amount of hard work goes into it. [Archie and I] both worked extremely, extremely hard on it. Like it didn't just happen, there were flights, a dinner, hotels, Katie Hopkins, 10 actors, people on her flight, our flight, then camera people.

"So many little details that we have to get right to make sure this works, and the writing of the speech, the way it came across and just so many things."

During the video that was uploaded to social media, Hopkins is seen picking up the award, before posing for photographs in front of the massive 'C**T' projected on a large screen.

Hopkins went on to criticise Muslims, Asians, and people with disabilities.

Then comes her acceptance speech, during which she is seen saying things such as: "epileptics are all weirdos, they're up there with the Asians"; "East London's fairly sh**ty at the best of times"; "I guess Muslims are different"; and "Greta [Thunberg] dare you...autistic f***ing wench".


Discussing his reaction to the shocking diatribe, the prankster said he couldn't believe that she was so willing to say what she really thought in a room full of strangers.

He said: "I guess it was just meant to be just a prank that was quite harmless and then what she ended up saying in the speech and at that dinner, I just I couldn't believe it.

"So that obviously made its way into the video and it then became more of a statement of a video because of the things she said in it, but I never knew that was going to happen."

He went on: "She knew there were cameras, that's the surprising thing.... She signed a release form so legally she was talking on camera, knowing that the footage we were filming could be distributed anywhere, which was quite something.

"I couldn't believe it, it was really, really strange to hear how normal she thought what she was saying was. Yeah, [I'm] lost for words."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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