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Police Searching For Suspected Arsonist After 5G Phone Mast Set Alight For Second Time

Police Searching For Suspected Arsonist After 5G Phone Mast Set Alight For Second Time

Derbyshire Police have released footage which shows a phone mast ablaze on Monday, which is thought to be linked to wider 5G conspiracies

Police in Derby are searching for a suspected arsonist after a phone mast was set alight for a second time. 

Footage released by Derbyshire Police shows a mast near Chaddesden, Derby, ablaze with flames at around 8.15pm on Monday. 

Officers and firefighters rushed to the scene following panicked calls from local residents who were confronted with plumes of smoke and fire rising from the mast.

The incident comes amid repeated 5G conspiracy theories, including unfounded claims that 5G somehow causes Covid-19.

A Derbyshire Police spokesperson said on Tuesday (21 December): "We are releasing footage of a fire at a phone mast in Derby as we appeal for witnesses to come forward. 

"Fire crews alerted us to the incident, off the A61 Sir Frank Whittle Road, just after 8.15pm yesterday (Monday 20 December).

Derbyshire Police

"The road was closed while they dealt with the fire, and for some time this morning while the area was made safe.  

“It has now re-opened but the footpath which goes past the mast remains closed. 

"While officers believe the mast may have been tampered with, the cause of the fire is indeterminate. 

"We would like to speak to any witnesses or anyone who noticed anything suspicious just before or just after incident." 

This is not the first time the mast has been targeted. Back in May last year, an arson attack took place only two days after it was erected. 

An anti-5G placard at a protest in London.

Earlier this year, vandals also set fire to a 5G phone mast in Chelmsford, Essex - leaving 2,700 people without broadband.

5G conspiracies reached new levels of irony recently after it was reported that ‘anti-5G’ necklaces and accessories were found to be radioactive. 

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) warned people of the dangers of 10 products - including necklaces, pendants and sleeping masks - which give off ionising radiation that could be harmful if worn regularly. 

A news release about the products from ANVS read: "The amount of measured radiation from this is low. This means that the risk of damage to health is small.

"However, long-term health damage cannot be completely ruled out if these products are worn continuously and for a long time. 

"The sellers in the Netherlands known to the ANVS have been told that the sale is prohibited and must be stopped immediately and that they must inform their customers about this."

Featured Image Credit: Derbyshire Constabulary

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