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Boris Johnson Runs Through Field Of Wheat To Troll Theresa May

Boris Johnson Runs Through Field Of Wheat To Troll Theresa May

Despite not attending the Tory conference, the former Foreign Secretary has pulled off a piece of trolling brilliance

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

At this point it feels like we are in some dystopian universe, where basically anything goes. There was a time when politicians would try and hide their dickish behaviour, they would even try and come across as professional. Alas, that dream is over.

Welcome to 2018, where world leaders get into Twitter spats every day and apparently 'Brexit means Brexit'.

Well you can always count on your favourite political buffoon, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - that's Bo Jo to you and me - to make things a whole lot weirder.


Despite quitting the government, the power hungry former Foreign Secretary is never one to miss a photo op or a chance to put one over his former boss, Theresa May.

And to be honest we might have actually reached peak trolling - because he's been seen actually running through a field of wheat, sort of.

I mean, it's definitely a field. The blonde bombshell has been snapped bounding through the meadow, in a fetching pair of blue beach shorts, close to his Oxfordshire home.

His nemesis Mrs May famously said she'd run through fields of wheat when asked for the naughtiest thing she'd ever done, and it looks like Boris found that to be a pretty tempting idea:

London News Pictures Ltd

The pair have never quite seen eye to eye. The former Mayor of London recently labelled May's Brexit plans as 'deranged' and claimed a so-called 'SuperCanada' Brexit would work.

The former Bullingdon Club boy has long been a Brexit supporter - apart from when he wasn't, which actually wasn't that long ago - and championed the campaign in 2016 to quit the EU.

After a failed bid to become leader of the Tory Party he was handed the prestigious office of Foreign Secretary, which he left earlier this year.

In his resignation letter he blamed the government's inaction over Brexit as a key motivation.

It said: "Brexit should be about opportunity and hope. It should be a chance to do things differently, to be more nimble and dynamic, and to maximise the particular advantages of the UK as an open, outward-looking global economy.

"That dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt."

Well, it's good to see he has let bygones be bygones and doesn't hold a grudge against his old boss, isn't it? Like him or loathe him, one thing is for certain, Boris is the master of political skulduggery.

Featured Image Credit: London News Pictures Ltd

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